Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture V

Volumes 567-568

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yoshiyuki Kondo, H. Eda, Masanobu Kubota

Abstract: Although fatigue limit diagram is defined in principle for constant stress amplitude condition, it is often considered that fatigue failure...

Authors: Petr Lukáš, Ludvík Kunz, Milan Svoboda

Abstract: Fatigue behaviour of ultrafine-grained copper of purity 99.9 % produced by ECAP technique was studied in a broad region of stress...

Authors: Michal Kotoul, Tomáš Profant, Oldřich Ševeček, Martin Krejcir

Abstract: Matched asymptotic procedure is used to analyze crack crossing a sharp interface between dissimilar elastic anisotropic materials. The link...

Authors: David Taylor

Abstract: The work described below investigates, for the first time, the link between microstructural parameters such as grain size and the length...

Authors: Yannick Champion, Sophie Nowak, Sandrine Guérin, Cecilie Duhamel

Abstract: Copper nanostructure and aluminum-alumina nanocomposite are studied using the stress relaxation technique to determine the activation...

Authors: Jozef Janovec, Jaroslav Pokluda, Pavel Lejček

Abstract: Chemical and structural changes at the grain boundaries were investigated to quantify their influence on fracture behaviour of austenitic...

Authors: W. R. Tyson

Abstract: Characterization of fracture toughness is discussed in relation to specification of steels for northern pipelines. The state of the art and...

Authors: Carlos H. Cáceres, A.H. Blake

Abstract: The Kocks-Mecking method of analysis is applied to solid solutions of up to 2.6 at.% Zn to separate the contributions to the alloys’ strain...

Authors: F. Walther, Dietmar Eifler

Abstract: Mechanical stress-strain hysteresis, temperature and electrical resistance measurements were performed for the microstructure-related...


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