Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture V

Volumes 567-568

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jenő Gubicza, Sergey V. Dobatkin, Z. Bakai, Nguyen Q. Chinh, Terence G. Langdon

Abstract: The correlation between the microstructure and the mechanical behavior of ultrafinegrained face centered cubic (f.c.c.) metals processed by...

Authors: Miroslav Piska

Abstract: Modern trends in metal cutting, high speed/feed machining, dry cutting and hard cutting set more demanding characteristics for cutting tool...

Authors: Zdeněk Drozd, Zuzanka Trojanová

Abstract: The Mg micropowder was mixed and ball milled with ceramic nanoparticles. The material was compacted and then hot extruded. Samples have...

Authors: Ivan Saxl, L. Ilucová, Milan Svoboda, Vàclav Sklenička, Vladimir I. Betekhtin, Andrey G. Kadomtsev, Petr Král

Abstract: The grain structure of pure aluminium processed by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) was examined electron backscattered diffraction...

Authors: Dalibor Vojtěch, Alena Michalcová, Jan Verner, Jan Šerák, František Šimančík, Martin Balog, Juraj Nagy

Abstract: In the presented paper, properties of Al-Cr-Fe-Ti alloy produced by powder metallurgy (PM) are described. Rapidly solidified powder alloy...

Authors: Boris Monchev, P. Petkov, V. Boev, T. Petkova

Abstract: The novel bulk glasses from the chalcohalide Ge-S-AgI system have been synthesized. From the as-prepared samples amorphous films have been...

Authors: Petra Cihlářová, Jiří Švejcar, Vàclav Sklenička

Abstract: There are two types of experimental material used – pure nickel and its nano-composite reinforced with nano-sized SiO2. These materials...

Authors: D. Holec, Colin J. Humphreys

Abstract: We investigate critical thicknesses of InGaN epilayers grown on GaN substrates with the growth-plane not being the c-plane. In particular,...

Authors: Jaroslava Vaníčková, Jiří Děd, P. Bartuška, Pavel Lejček

Abstract: Silver objects obtained from archaeological excavations often exhibit an extended embrittlement. The causes of this embrittlement were...

Authors: Pavel Novák, Dalibor Vojtěch, Filip Průša, Jan Šerák, Thomáš Fabián

Abstract: Hydrogen is the promising pollutant-free fuel of the near future. For various hydrogen applications, suitable storage systems have to be...


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