Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture V

Volumes 567-568

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Emilie Ferrié, Maxime Sauzay

Abstract: In the work presented here an elastic-plastic crystalline finite element method is used to simulate the cyclic behavior of 316L austenitic...

Authors: Jaroslav Pokluda, Tomáš Podrábský, Karel Slámečka, Simona Hutařová, Guo Cai Chai

Abstract: High fatigue threshold values of duplex ferritic-martensitic steels are interpreted by using a unified model of roughness- and plasticity...

Authors: Jana Dobrovská, Karel Stránský, František Kavička, Josef Stetina, Zdenek Franek

Abstract: This paper deals with an analysis of the possible causes of a transversal crack in a steel slab with a l300×l45 mm cross-section using...

Authors: Karel Stránský, Jana Dobrovská, František Kavička, Josef Stetina, Bohumil Sekanina, Zdenek Franek

Abstract: An original three-dimensional (3D) model of solidification is used to describe the process of solidification and cooling of massive...

Authors: Jan Kohout, Stanislav Vĕchet

Abstract: Most families of S-N curves determined at various temperatures present certain general regularities on whose basis the Basquin equation...

Authors: Mikhail D. Starostenkov, Evgenia Dudnik, Galina Popova, Evgeniya Chernykh

Abstract: Ordered alloys and intermetallides are important constructional materials, because they have a unique property – positive temperature...

Authors: A. Weidner, W. Tirschler, C. Blochwitz, Werner Skrotzki

Abstract: The development of the volume fraction of cumulated persistent slip bands (PSBs) in cyclically deformed nickel polycrystals was...

Authors: Zuzana Sekerešová, Hynek Lauschmann

Abstract: Texture of a fatigue crack surface is strictly related to crack growth rate. Cracks in specimens from aluminum alloy were studied. Two...

Authors: Victor V. Mykhas'kiv, O. Khay, Jan Sladek, Vladimir Sladek, Chuan Zeng Zhang

Abstract: A 3D time-harmonic problem for an infinite elastic matrix with an arbitrarily located interacting rigid disk-shaped inclusion and a...

Authors: Tomáš Profant, Oldřich Ševeček, Michal Kotoul

Abstract: The evaluation of the generalized stress intensity factor (GSIF) and T-stress for the case of the surface crack terminating perpendicular...


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