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Authors: Alena Spielmannová, Anna Machová, Petr Hora
Abstract:The paper presents results of molecular dynamic (MD) simulations in 3D bcc iron crystals with edge pre-existing cracks (001)[110] and (110)...
Authors: Sergiy Kotrechko, O. Filatov, O. Ovsjannikov
Abstract:Atomic mechanisms of the beginning of plastic deformation and failure initiation in nanoparticles of b.c.c. transition metals are presented...
Authors: Andriy Ostapovets, Václav Paidar
Abstract:The parameters of exponential many-body Finnis-Sinclair potentials corresponding to qualitatively different crystal lattice stability were...
Authors: Miroslav Černý, Jaroslav Pokluda
Abstract:Influence of biaxial stress applied perpendicularly to the [100] loading axis on the tensile stress-strain response is studied from first...
Authors: Dominik Legut, Mojmír Šob
Abstract:The ideal tensile strength along the [111] direction in the Fe3Al and Ni3Al intermetallic compounds with the D03 structure has been...
Authors: Dana Zöllner, Peter Streitenberger
Abstract:A Monte Carlo algorithm for single-phase normal grain growth has been implemented, which allows one to simulate and observe the temporal...
Authors: Pavel Lukáč, Zuzanka Trojanová
Abstract:The mechanical properties and deformation behaviour of magnesium alloys are significantly influenced by the testing temperature, texture and...
Authors: Christian F. Robertson, Christophe Déprés, Marc Fivel
Abstract:The combined effect of cyclic thermal shocks and static tensile loading is investigated, in a 304L stainless steel. During these...
Authors: Vladimir I. Betekhtin, Andrey G. Kadomtsev, Petr Král, Jiří Dvořák, Milan Svoboda, Ivan Saxl, Vàclav Sklenička
Abstract:This paper deals with an experimental investigation of the effect of various microdefects induced by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP)...
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