Rapid Thermal Processing and beyond: Applications in Semiconductor Processing

Volumes 573-574

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.573-574

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Authors: Andrea E. Pap, Csaba Dücső, Katalin Kamarás, Gábor Battistig, István Bársony

Abstract: The high reactivity of the free silicon surface and its consequence: the “omnipresent” native silicon dioxide hinders the interface...

Authors: Yi Ma

Abstract: In this paper, gate dielectric scaling with nitrogen incorporation technologies is reviewed. In key technologies such as thermal...

Authors: Olaf Storbeck, Wieland Pethe, Regina Hayn

Abstract: The silicon oxide growth kinetics were investigated for single wafer rapid thermal (RTP) and large batch vertical furnace radical oxidation...

Authors: Martin Trentzsch, Christian Golz, Karsten Wieczorek, Rolf Stephan, Tilo Mantei, Boris Bayha, Susanne Ohsiek, Michael Raab, Zsolt Nényei, Wilfried Lerch, Jürgen Niess, Waltraud Dietl, Christoph Kirchner, Georg Roters

Abstract: In this work we present a comprehensive comparison of ultra thin thermally nitrided (TN) to plasma nitrided (PN) gate dielectrics (GD). We...

Authors: Anton J. Bauer, Martin Lemberger, Tobias Erlbacher, Wenke Weinreich

Abstract: The paper reviews recent progress and current challenges in implementing high-k dielectrics in microelectronics. Logic devices,...

Authors: Alexander Gschwandtner

Abstract: Scaling of CMOS structures through the deep sub-micron range and into the nano-scale range (< 100 nm) has posed a number of difficult...

Authors: H. Ulrich Ehrke

Abstract: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) is frequently used in the characterization of thin films, coatings, diffusion processes, materials...

Authors: Silke Paul, Wilfried Lerch

Abstract: This work presents a summary on the use of rapid thermal processing for implant annealing. It gives a short historical overview of rapid...

Authors: Bo Lojek

Abstract: Since introducing Rapid Thermal Annealing, there has been disagreement among experimental data of ion-implanted and annealed layers. One...

Authors: Hans D. Geiler

Abstract: About 25years after inventing the laser annealing effects of ion implanted semiconductors a summary of the related physical phenomena is...


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