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Authors: Sang Bong Yi, Heinz Günter Brokmeier, Jens Homeyer
Abstract:The orientation changes during heating of extruded AZ31 were investigated using synchrotron Xrays by in-situ experiments. The as-extruded...
Authors: Muhammad Shahzad, Dan Eliezer, Wei Min Gan, Sang Bong Yi, Lothar Wagner
Abstract:The wrought magnesium alloys AZ80 and ZK60 were extruded at 175°C ≤ T ≤ 350°C at an extrusion ratio of ER = 12. With decreasing extrusion...
Authors: Fu Sheng Pan, Ming Bo Yang, Yan Long Ma
Abstract:The latest research results on new types of magnesium alloys containing strontium or rare earth elements are reviewed. Special attentions...
Authors: Jie Yang, Jun Wang, Wen Long Xiao, Li Dong Wang, Yao Ming Wu, Hong Jie Zhang, Li Min Wang
Abstract:The lightest density of Mg has stimulated renewed interest in Mg based alloys for applications in the automotive, aerospace and...
Authors: Keitaro Horikawa, Hidetoshi Kobayashi
Abstract:Hydrogen evolution behavior of an Al-Mg-Si alloy affected by hydrogen embrittlement was investigated using a tensile testing machine...
Authors: Shang Li Dong, Y.C. Xin, G. Lu, D.Z. Yang, S.Y. He, En Hou Han
Abstract:Tensile properties and deformation-fracture behavior at temperatures ranging from 123K to 293K of a Ti-6Al-4V alloy sheet with a thickness...
Authors: Yu Lan Li, Xiao Dong Peng, Wei Dong Xie
Abstract:Plasma-enhanced ion beams are used for the surface modification of 2024 Al and 7075 Al alloy samples. The morphology of the treated surface...
Authors: Xiao Dong Peng, Yan Bin Feng, Hua Nie, Wei Dong Xie, Qun Yi Wei
Abstract:The Air-acetylene Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (FAAS) was used to measure Sr content in Mg-Sr Alloys. The experiment conditions...
Authors: Makoto Inoue, Nasashi Shima, Tadayoshi Tsukeda
Abstract:In this study, it examined recycling of a Mg-Al-Ca based alloy by vacuum distillation. The vacuum distillation used a vacuum distillation...
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