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Authors: Zhi Qiang Cao, Ai Bing Zhang, Deng Luo, Zheng Hai Xia, Yong Dong Zhang, Kai Ming Wu

Abstract: A ultra low carbon high strength steel heavy plate (60∼80mm thick) was produced with TMCP at Xiangtan Steel. The steel has a good...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Li, Jie Xu, Yuan De Yin, J.G. Xue, Y. Feng

Abstract: The hot workability of modified 9Cr-1Mo, as a grade of heat resistant steels, is inferior to that of low-alloy steel, so the inner surface...

Authors: Cheng Jia Shang, X. Liang, Xue Min Wang, Xin Lai He, H. Liu

Abstract: Dynamic continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) nanoindentation method was applied to measure nanohardness in low carbon microalloying...

Authors: T. Takeuchi, Yoshitaka Adachi, Dorothée Dorner, Masato Enomoto

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the potential of grain boundary corners (GBCs) as nucleation sites of bcc precipitates in an fcc matrix. By...

Authors: Gow Yi Tzou, Wen T. Chien, Ming Nan Huang, Dong Lin Cai

Abstract: An investigation into the compression forming of cylinder using the commercial code SUPERFORM is developed. The cylinder billet compressed...

Authors: Wen Bo Dong, Li Ma, Lai Zhu Jiang

Abstract: Effects of Ti and Nb stabilization on the recrystallization and the pitting potential in Fe-21%Cr ferritic stainless steels were studied by...

Authors: Vàclav Sklenička, Květa Kuchařová, Milan Svoboda, Ivan Saxl

Abstract: Critical high temperature components of machines and structures are often subjected to complicated load and temperature histories. The...

Authors: O.A. El Hady, Amer E. Amer, I.S. El Mahallawi, Y.S. Shash

Abstract: At the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company, attention is constantly focused on improving basic steel making practice with the aim of...

Authors: Can Dong Zhou, Jun Fei Fan, Hai Rong Le, Jing Guo Zhang

Abstract: Being examined by tensile tests at 820°C with initial strain rates of 2.5×10-4 s-1, 5.0×10-3 s-1and 1.0×10-1 s-1, the hot-rolled spay...

Authors: Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Yu Yoshida, Kenichi Ikeda, Hideharu Nakashima, Takashi Wakai

Abstract: Creep tests and microstructural observations in several high Cr ferritic steels bearing V and Nb were carried out in order to investigate...


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