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Authors: Hasso Weiland, Soon Wuk Cheong
Abstract:Control of grain size during recrystallization of aluminum alloys is critical when tailoring material properties for structural...
Authors: S.S. West, Grethe Winther, L. Margulies, Erik Knudsen, Henning O. Sørensen, Søren Schmidt, Dorte Juul Jensen
Abstract:A partially recrystallised sample has been characterised by 3DXRD. A gauge volume of 200μm × 700μm × 300μm has been fully mapped. Deformed...
Authors: Yan Wu, Chang Shu He, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, T. Watanabe
Abstract:The effects of magnetic annealing on recrystallization and texture evolution in asannealed interstitial-free (IF) steel sheet were...
Authors: Bradley P. Wynne, O. Hernandez-Silva, M. Lopez-Pedrosa, Mark W. Rainforth
Abstract:The effects of strain path reversal, using forward and reverse torsion, on the microstructure evolution in the aluminium alloy AA5052 have...
Authors: Wan Qiang Xu, Michael Ferry, Julie M. Cairney, John F. Humphreys
Abstract:A typical dual-beam platform combines a focused ion beam (FIB) microscope with a field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEGSEM)....
Authors: Wan Qiang Xu, Michael Ferry
Abstract:The effect of initial microstructure (acicular ferrite (AF), polygonal ferrite (PF) and strip cast (SC)) on the recrystallization behaviour...
Authors: Hiromi Yoshida, Kaneharu Okuda, Hidetaka Kawabe, Toshiaki Urabe, Yasushi Tanaka, Yoshihiro Hosoya
Abstract:The effect of niobium (Nb) addition on recrystallization texture formation in cold-rolled low carbon steel sheets containing 2% manganese...
Authors: Matthew R. Barnett, Dale Atwell, Aiden G. Beer
Abstract:The present paper examines the development of grain size during the recrystallization of magnesium alloys and the influence the grain size...
Authors: Jong K. Lee
Abstract:During hot working, deformation of metals such as copper or austenitic steels involves features of both diffusional flow and dislocation...
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