Recrystallization and Grain Growth III

Volumes 558-559

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: D.T. McDonald, John F. Humphreys, Pete S. Bate, Ian Brough

Abstract: Copper, Cu-2%Sn and Cu-4.5%Sn alloys have been deformed in plane strain compression at temperatures up to 700oC and the evolution of the...

Authors: Hiromi Miura, Taku Sakai, R. Mogawa, John J. Jonas

Abstract: Orientation-controlled copper bicrystals containing symmetrical 70o [0 0 1] tilt boundaries were deformed in tension at 923 K and at three...

Authors: Fritz Appel, Michael Oehring, Jonathan H.D. Paul

Abstract: Intermetallic titanium aluminide alloys are multiphase assemblies with complex microstructure and constitution, involving the phases...

Authors: Ronaldo Barbosa, Dagoberto Brandão Santos, Roney Eduardo Lino

Abstract: Strain induced transformation (SIT) of austenite into ferrite has been frequently used as a powerful ferrite grain refinement mechanism....

Authors: Sandrine Bozzi, Anne Laure Etter, Thierry Baudin, A. Robineau, Jean Claude Goussain

Abstract: At the prospect of a lightening of the automobile structures, welded spots have been realized on a stacking of two sheets (a 6008 aluminium...

Authors: Mirza Candic, Bao Hui Tian, Siegfried Kleber, Manfred Wießner, Christof Sommitsch

Abstract: Double-hit compression tests were carried out at different temperatures and strain rates for a nickel based alloy and a stainless steel....

Authors: Y.B. Chun, Sun Keun Hwang

Abstract: Effect of deformation temperature on subsequent recrystallization characteristics of commercial purity titanium (CP-Ti) was investigated...

Authors: Beitallah Eghbali

Abstract: Warm deformation is one of the promising hot rolling strategies for producing thin hot rolled steel strips. A better understanding of the...

Authors: J. Gallego, Alberto Moreira Jorge, O. Balancin

Abstract: The microstructure evolution and mechanical behavior during large strain of a 0.16%CMn steel has been investigated by warm torsion tests....

Authors: V.G. García, Jose María Cabrera, Jose Manuel Prado

Abstract: Previous research works assert that the observed increase in hot flow stress of commercially pure copper is attributed to the interactions...


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