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Authors: Han Zhou, Tong Xiang Fan, Di Zhang

Abstract: Bacterium have evolved a large variety of stunning morphologies controlled at the microor even nanoscopic level such as cocci, bacillus,...

Authors: Qun Dong, Hui Lan Su, Di Zhang, Wei Cao, Jie Han

Abstract: Biogenic technique for the synthesis of composites with nanopatterns is evolving into an important branch of nanobiotechnology and...

Authors: Harun Mindivan, S. Kayali, Huseyin Cimenoglu

Abstract: This study has been conducted to investigate the mechanical properties of aluminum matrix 50 vol.% SiC particle (SiCp) reinforced...

Authors: W.Q. Song, Syed H. Masood

Abstract: This paper introduces an entirely new metal based composite material for direct rapid tooling application using Fused Deposition Modelling...

Authors: A.A. Shaikh, S.A. Channiwala

Abstract: The composites are very useful in present era due to weight saving and economy of construction by tailoring material to structural...

Authors: L.G. Guo, He Yang

Abstract: During cold ring rolling process, the accurate prediction and analysis of force and power parameters, including roll force (RF) and roll...

Authors: Feng Wang, Bai Qing Xiong, Yon Gan Zhang, Bao Hong Zhu, Hong Wei Liu, Xu Jun Mi, Xiao Qing He

Abstract: In this paper, Al-10.8Zn-2.8Mg-1.9Cu alloy was synthesized by the spray atomization and deposition technique. The microstructure and...

Authors: Ivan Saxl, Vàclav Sklenička, L. Ilucová, Milan Svoboda, Petr Král

Abstract: The effect of ECAP technology on the subgrain structure of coarse-grained pure aluminium is described by means of the orientation imaging...

Authors: B.Y. Stevinson, D.L. Bourell, J.J. Beaman

Abstract: Silicon infiltrated silicon carbide parts have been manufactured using selective laser sintering (SLS). The processing route has been...

Authors: Khershed P. Cooper

Abstract: New manufacturing methods involving direct fabrication processes seem ideal for mass customization or “just-in-time” production. The use of...


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