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Authors: Kazuhiko Iwai, Shigeo Asai

Abstract: Free surface motion of a liquid metal submerged in an alternating magnetic field has been examined. A copper vessel filled with a liquid...

Authors: Chaiyasit Banjongprasert, S.C. Hogg, I.G. Palmer, N. Grennan-Heaven, I.C. Stone, Patrick S. Grant

Abstract: This work presents an investigation of the spray forming and downstream processing of Al alloys that are difficult to produce in bulk by...

Authors: Shi Kao Shi, Jing Gao, Ji Zhou

Abstract: The lithium ions doped red-emitting phosphors of (Ca,Eu)WO4 and (Ca,Eu)MoO4 were synthesized by solid-state reaction method, and their...

Authors: Jun Liu, Ji Min Xie, Hui Zhang, Zhan Jun Gu, Xiao Meng Lü

Abstract: Using nitrate precursors, a novel microwave-assisted progress for the preparation of nanocrystalline pure YFeO3 phase has been developed....

Authors: Xiao Meng Lü, Jun Liu, Ji Min Xie, Hui Zhang, Zhan Jun Gu
Authors: S. Fujieda, A. Fujita, Kazuaki Fukamichi

Abstract: The single phase of a cubic NaZn13-type La1-zNdz(Fe0.88Si0.12)13 is obtained in the region z ≤ 0.2. The field-induced first-order...

Authors: H. Huang, Xin Fang Zhang, B. Lv, J.P. Lei, J.P. Sun, X.L. Dong, Chul Jin Choi

Abstract: The carbon-coated Fe(C), Co(C) and Ni(C) nanocapsules were prepared by a modified arc-discharge method in methane atmosphere. The...

Authors: Masayuki Shimojo, Masaki Takeguchi, Kazutaka Mitsuishi, M. Tanaka, Kazuo Furuya

Abstract: Electron beam induced-deposition (EBID) is a promising technique for fabricating nanometer-sized structures in a position- and...

Authors: Guo Zhi Xie, Ping Wang, Bao Shan Zhang, Liu Kui Yuan, Yi Shi, Ping Hua Lin, Huai Xian Lu

Abstract: The influence of Mn content on the structure and magnetic permeability of Nd3Fe68-xMnxCo18B11 (x = 0, 1, 2) amorphous soft magnetic alloys...

Authors: Takashi Fukuda, Nariaki Okamoto, Tomoyuki Kakeshita

Abstract: The magnetic field strength, Hs, at which rearrangement of martensite variants initiates has been investigated in Ni2MnGa ferromagnetic...


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