Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bing Qiang Yu, Li Po Yang

Abstract: A new strip shaper is developed to avoid the scratch of the strip surface due to different thermal expansion of the traditional detection...

Authors: Zi Qiang Zhang, G.Y. Yu, S.B. Chen, Z.D. Zheng, R.D. Li, Y. Li

Abstract: Increasingly, induction heaters are being widely applied to the energy-saving light industrial equipment. But their electromagnetic...

Authors: P. Zheng, Shan Jiang, J. Liu, J. Guo, W.H. Feng

Abstract: This paper presents a nonlinear model of the pulse width modulated(PWM) pneumatic servo systems with long transmission lines which has a...

Authors: Wu Liang Peng, Q.J. Jiao

Abstract: Critical chain method (CCM) is a new project method which combines project network technologies and management arts. Although there are lots...

Authors: W. Liu, L.J. Yang, G.Z. Sun, X. Wang

Abstract: Applying the computer digital simulation program on the basis of numeric integration and the dynamic structural diagram, an improved method...

Authors: Jiang Ping Mei, Dong Xing Yu, X.Q. Cheng, B. Gao

Abstract: To save the labor cost, industry robot is applied in production line. This paper deals with the design of the beverage packaging line using...

Authors: H.B. Sun, Zhi Yong Chang, N. Wan, Rong Mo

Abstract: In order to solve the digitalized management problem of aero-engine in the whole lifecycle, a framework of aero-engine AMRO supporting...

Authors: Y.Y. Li, G.Y. Tan, Y.L. Cheng, F.C. Cheng

Abstract: Through the analysis of typical aero-engine fault, the function parameters under different throttle openings of the aero-engine are...

Authors: Qian Ning, Tai Yong Wang

Abstract: Estimation of tool condition has very important meaning to improve the product quality, continuous machining ability and reliability of the...

Authors: D.W. Lu, M.S. Wang

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to present a conceptual exploration on how a newly emerged distribution service business in China is developed,...


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