Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Peng Li, Ying Hong Li, W. He, Yu Qin Li, Xiang Fan Nie, L. Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, the microstructure and microhardness of laser shock processed (LSP) Ti-6Al-2.5Mo-1.5Cr-0.5Fe-0.3Si titanium alloy with and...

Authors: Lian Jie Ma, M. Sun, Ya Dong Gong

Abstract: Through design of balancing movement controller of large size workpiece for applying to LDMC-100 type ion nitriding furnace, the structure...

Authors: G. Qin, Ya Xiong Liu, Z.X. Bai, H.Y. Wang, R.K. Du

Abstract: For bio-electrodes implanted in deep brain, electrode materials will affect the fibrous encapsulation formed on the interface of...

Authors: T. Zhang, Jian Guo Zhang, Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun

Abstract: The substrate temperature has great influence on the growth rate and quality of diamond films by hot filament chemical vapor deposition...

Authors: Liang Wang, X.L. Lei, Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun, Z.M. Zhang, Ming Chen

Abstract: In this investigation, conventional microcrystalline diamond (MCD) and boron doped diamond (BDD) films are deposited onto commercially...

Authors: X.L. Lei, Liang Wang, Bin Shen, Fang Hong Sun, Z.M. Zhang, Ming Chen

Abstract: Thin diamond films are deposited on commercial tungsten carbide micro ball end mill by using hot filament chemical vapour deposition (HFCVD)...

Authors: Yu Qin Li, Wei Feng He, Ying Hong Li, Qi Peng Li, Xiang Fan Nie

Abstract: In this paper, the microstructure and microhardness of Ti-6.5Al-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si titanium alloy with and without laser shock peening (LSP)...

Authors: Tung Sheng Yang, S.Q. Lee, J.Y. Li, C. Y. Liu

Abstract: This study applies the finite element method (FEM) in conjunction with an abductive network to predict the surface parameters for strain...

Authors: Ji Xiang Gao, Xin Ping Mao, L.J. Li

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of raw materials in EAF-TSCR, the composition of VN micro-alloyed was designed, the processes of the...

Authors: An Hui Cai, X.F. Tan, W.K. An, X.S. Li, J.J. Zeng, Y. Luo, Tie Lin Li

Abstract: The Al-40Si alloy was modified by 0.5 wt% Sr addition and heat treated using the solution treatment and aging treatment. Its deforming...


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