Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Chuan Dong, Tai Yong Wang

Abstract: This paper proposed a pipeline based reconfigurable architecture for CNC controllers. The architecture consists of an upper controller and a...

Authors: Liang Zhang, J. Li, B.C. Lou

Abstract: The necessity for skull patch surface for cranioplasty was introduced and it was divided according to maximum normal curvature in the...

Authors: Ning Luo, Y. X. Wang

Abstract: The article studies on the processing program of Logarithmic spiral internal gears face with features of CNC linear cutting machine which...

Authors: L. Han, Da Wei Zhang, Liang Yu Cui

Abstract: This paper proposes a multi-step and multi-probe method to measure the roll error of a linear worktable during its movement. Two...

Authors: Hong Jie Zhang, Wei Guo Gao, X.Y. Qi, L.Y. Cui, D.W. Zhang

Abstract: Based on the virtual instruments technology, a data acquisition and pretreatment system for monitoring the thermal signals of the spindle of...

Authors: Chen Hua She, Yueh Hsun Tsai

Abstract: Designs of free-form surface products are becoming increasingly complex. In traditional three-axis machine tool machining, errors that are...

Authors: C.Y. He, W.M. Li, T. Huang

Abstract: There is great practical significance in error compensation of CNC machine tools. In this dissertation, the measurement theory and...

Authors: C. Xu, Z.J. Wu, J.F. Zhang, P.F. Feng, D.W. Yu

Abstract: This paper provides the methodology on analyzing the dynamic characteristic of machine tool in consideration of joint parameters. To ensure...

Authors: S.X. Zhou, Y.P. Dong, Y.L. Zhang

Abstract: Microbial pretreatment was applied to enhance biogas production from corn stover through solid-state anaerobic digestion, but the price of...

Authors: Xin Li Tian, Bao Guo Zhang, K.L. Lin, Fang Guo, Jian Quan Wang

Abstract: The impact force of micro-detonation of striking arc machining is studied. The orthogonal experimental design and regression analysis method...


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