Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Fang Peng, Guang Hui Li, Peng Wu, Guang Yu Tan

Abstract: This paper adopts with a PMAC Programmable Multi-axis Controller to control a linear motor through adjusting PID + velocity and acceleration...

Authors: Ke Hua Zhang, Li Min, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: A new tool path generation method based on Z-buffer method is proposed for free-form surface machining by using ball-end cutters. Firstly,...

Authors: Yu Fen Deng, Jun Jie Guo, Jin Dong Wang, H. Wang

Abstract: The paper presents the principle and algorithm of multi-point and time-sharing measurement method to detect the machine geometric...

Authors: Ming Nan Sun, Guo Fu Yin, Liang Mi

Abstract: Machine tool joint stiffness has important affects on the dynamic characteristics of the whole machine tool. It is a challenging task to...

Authors: G.Y. He, C.X. Hu, X. Liu

Abstract: Sensitivity analysis is to evaluate how sensitive the surface deviation of a workpiece is to a geometric error of locator. With this...

Authors: Guo Fu Ding, Lei Jiang, Shao Wei Zhu, Shu Wen Ma

Abstract: Geometric errors identification of revolving axle of multi-axis machine tool has encountered a great difficulty in geometric errors...

Authors: Mao Hua Xiao, Ning He, Lei Li

Abstract: On-line tool wear sensing was an important subject in the Flexible Manufacturing System. Mathematic method is applied in this paper to...

Authors: X.B. Ma, Jian Qiu, Qi Wei Liu, J.F. Lin

Abstract: Research on thermal field and thermal errors of NC machine tools were carried on using infrared imaging and laser distance measurement...

Authors: Y.R. Zhang, L. Gao, S.J. Li, H.X. Bi

Abstract: After creating the three-dimensional models of dedicated computer, models can be smoothly put into ANSYS through interface between Pro/E and...

Authors: X.F. Fang, Y.H. Tong, R.Y. Zhao, S.W. Zhang, Tong Yue Wang, Yuan Wei Liu

Abstract: In order to solve the problems that traditional kinematics model built by the method of D-H parameters can only reflect relative movements...


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