Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zhou, Shu Tao Huang, L.F. Xu

Abstract: A new setup for polishing of diamond films on a high speed rotating stainless plate has been developed, and a rare earth metal plate was...

Authors: Ming Dong Yi, Chong Hai Xu, X.H. Wang, Hui Fa Zhang

Abstract: A new ZrO2 nano-composite ceramic tool and die material was prepared with vacuum hot pressing technology. The friction and wear...

Authors: A. Kubo, Hua Qiu

Abstract: This paper explains the results of a systematic dry hobbing experiment performed on a general mechanical transmission type of hobbing...

Authors: Xiu Jian Tang, Xin Li Tian, Zhi Yuan Wu, Bao Guo Zhang, Jian Quan Wang

Abstract: An edge chipping experiment under static load is adopted to study the Kaiser Effect during the failure process for engineering ceramics. The...

Authors: Yi Wan, Zhan Qiang Liu, Hong Tao Zhu, Xing Ai

Abstract: A difficult-to-machining material, cast supper alloy K24 has been cut with two different methods, milling and abrasive waterjet (AWJ). It is...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Xing Yu Guo, Cheng Ge Wu

Abstract: It is always the difficulties for micro hole machining in the machine manufacturing industry, even more in the defense industry. The...

Authors: W.Y. Li, Jun Wang, Yasser M. Ali

Abstract: An experimental study of a radial-mode abrasive waterjet (AWJ) turning of AISI4340 high tensile steel is presented. The major process...

Authors: Xiao Song Li, An Hui Cai, Ji Jie Zeng

Abstract: In this paper, surface residual stress in the cold working tool steel (Cr12MoV) by EDM was investigated by X-350 X-ray residual stress...

Authors: Shu Bo Xu, K.K. Sun, Cai Nian Jing, Guo Cheng Ren

Abstract: This paper reviews the background and significance to investigate the high-speed speed blanking process modeling simulation and optimization...

Authors: Zi Long Peng, Yi Nan Li, Z.L. Wang

Abstract: The micro growth process and characteristics of deposited material in micro EDM deposition are researched in this paper. In the initial...


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