Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yong Yang, Cheng Zu Ren, Guang Chen, Bing Han, Y. Wang

Abstract: This study focused on the side milling surface roughness of titanium alloy under various cooling strategies and cutting parameters. The...

Authors: Kuan Min Mao, Ming Zhu, Min Zhang

Abstract: From the view of implementation and machine protection, this paper presents a novel scheme of programming spindle-speed variation for...

Authors: C. Xue, Wu Yi Chen

Abstract: The effects of cutting parameters and tool wear on the surface damage generated in hole making of cast GH625 nickel-based alloy were...

Authors: Song Zhang, Jiang Feng Li, Tong Chao Ding

Abstract: Surface roughness is one of the most important requirements in the cutting process. In this paper, advantages of Taguchi’s experimental...

Authors: Ji Liu, Wu Yi Chen, Xun Li, Zhi Tong Chen, Xi Yue Zou

Abstract: The study focused on surface burn of titanium alloy (TC4) in the grinding process using a novel segmented cup wheel with internal cooling...

Authors: Min Wan, M.S. Lu, Wei Hong Zhang, Y. Yang, Y. Li

Abstract: Cutter runout will redistribute the instantaneous uncut chip thickness and the cutting forces in multi-fluted milling process. In this...

Authors: Y. Yang, Min Wan, Wei Hong Zhang, Y. Li

Abstract: Analysis of instantaneous uncut chip thickness (IUCT) in peripheral milling of curved surface with variable curvature is nontrivial due to...

Authors: L.Y. Ding, Hong Hua Su, H.J. Xu, M. Fan

Abstract: It is essential to control the heat generated in the cutting zone in order to ensure the workpiece quality after grinding. This article...

Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Zhi Jun Wang, Chun Ya Wu, Hai Bo Ni

Abstract: Machining parameters and spindle radial runout have great influence on the micro-ball-end cutter deflection in the micro-end-milling...

Authors: F.G. Yan, S. Yan, F. Liu, Bin Lin

Abstract: In recent years taking into account the environmentally friendly property and low viscosity of water, water lubrication technology has been...


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