Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liu Yan Shu, T.Q. Wang, Q.Q. Fu

Abstract: By the characteristics of gun drill and the mechanisms of DF (Double Feeder) system of outside the chip, and analyzing the processing...

Authors: Y.B. Ding, Jiang Ping Mei, W.C. Zhang

Abstract: An approach of calibration method for 3D sensing scheme based on shifted point array encoding is presented. Initially a 3D calibration...

Authors: X.Y. Guo, Guo Hua Qin, Hai Chao Ye

Abstract: After being located, cutting force and torques will exert on a workpiece during the machining operation. In order to guarantee the location...

Authors: S. Zhu, Qi Wei Wang, F.L. Yin, Y.Y. Liang, L. Chen

Abstract: In order to optimize the MIG welding procedure of aluminum alloy with longitudinal magnetic field and improve the mechanical property,...

Authors: Gang Yao Zhao, Yu Li Liu, Shan Tian, He Yang

Abstract: Side wrinkling may be produced during rotary-draw bending process of thin-walled rectangular 3A21 aluminum alloy tube if the process...

Authors: F.J. Cheng, J.Y. Zhang, Dong Po Wang, S.P. Wu

Abstract: The effects of weld current, voltage, frequency and duty cycle on weld forming performance were investigated in SAW (Submerged Arc Welding)...

Authors: W.F. Fan, Zhong Mei Zhang

Abstract: The hardening layer of blanking boundary could enhance structure intensity and wear resistance of blanking work piece evidently. Therefore...

Authors: Hong Du, Zhong Mei Zhang

Abstract: The workpieces of fine blanking with negative clearance were obtained through the fine-blanking with negative clearance processing...

Authors: J.H. Li, Zhong Mei Zhang

Abstract: The plastic analysis software DEFORM was used to simulate the blanking process of metal plastic without burr. Based on theory of the rigid...

Authors: X.Q. Li, Ri Peng Jiang, Z.H. Li, L.H. Zhang, X. Zhang

Abstract: An industrial experiment was carried out to study the characteristics and formation mechanism of segregation in semi-continuous direct-chill...


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