Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Z.G. Han, Qing Jian Liu

Abstract: The crank-slider mechanism is the key component in reciprocating pumps. With the increase of the rotational speed of the crank-slider...

Authors: Shu Yi Yang, D.S. Liu, Ji Yun Zhao, H. Li

Abstract: Mobile hard disk is very sensitive to vibration because of unique mechanical working and the complexity of components. In view of inner...

Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, Peng Qiang Fu, C.H. An, Jiu Wei Sun, Sheng Fei Wang

Abstract: Ultra-precision flying cutting machining with a vertical milling style is an important means of ultra-precision machining. It has a close...

Authors: Y. Pu, Jian Qin Liu, Wei Guo

Abstract: The objective of this paper was to study tool wear condition and to guide the cutter configuration by studying the movement of the disc...

Authors: Ya Feng Li, Y.X. Xu, G.X. Li

Abstract: According to the performance requirements of three-stage wind turbine gear box, the mathematical model was established as object function....

Authors: D.D. Ji, Y.M. Song, J. Zhang

Abstract: A lumped-parameter dynamic model for gear train set in wind turbine is proposed to investigate the dynamics of the speed-increasing gear...

Authors: Y.H. Sun, L. Yu, G.B. Ji, Jian Qin Liu, Wei Guo

Abstract: There are two basic types of EPB shield cutter: panel type and spoke type. The efficiency and process of the driving work will be directly...

Authors: Y. Sun, Y.Q. Yang

Abstract: Commercial finite element modeling software ANSYS was used to calculate the stress and deformation distributions of crawler frame of the...

Authors: N. Li, Wei Guo, Jian Qin Liu

Abstract: The excavation stability takes an important role for EPB excavation in keeping surface stability and engineering safety. The prediction of...

Authors: Z.H. Li, Y.L. Chen, S. Li, D.S. Bi

Abstract: The stiffness analysis method considering uncertainty parameters of frame hydraulic press with movable eccentricity loading in the early...


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