Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Sun, Wei Guo, Lei Wang, D.M. Zhang

Abstract: According to the diversity, dynamic and correlation of product design knowledge; this paper put forward a knowledge representation method...

Authors: X. Li, Yan Qun Huang

Abstract: To effectively determine the key parameters of a model for complex mechanical products like hydraulic forging press (HFP), design cases were...

Authors: X. Li, Yan Qun Huang

Abstract: To enhance the ability and reliability of product variant design, an object-oriented framework was constructed using an extensible...

Authors: L.Q. Zhou

Abstract: Synesthesia is a psychological phenomenon generated by kinds of feelings which have an effect with each other. This paper introduces the...

Authors: Jian Ye Zhang, Chen Zhao, Da Wei Zhang

Abstract: The Position and orientation accuracy of robot manipulator has long become a major issue to be considered in its advanced application. A...

Authors: Guang Jun Liu, T. Jiang, Q.K. Jiang, A.L. Wang

Abstract: This paper investigates the effects of environmental temperature fluctuations on the performance of a MEMS accelerometer. The model,...

Authors: Shi Wei Liu, Jun Lan Li, Xing Yu Zhao, Da Wei Zhang

Abstract: In order to design a wire bonder, a vision position module on LabVIEW platform is needed. In this paper, an improved Otsu method is achieved...

Authors: Hong Jie Zhang, Fu Jun Wang, Y.Y. Hou, D.W. Zhang

Abstract: In order to design a driver of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer which can provide high quality ultrasonic signal and be able to realize...

Authors: Zhi Peng Ma, Xing Yu Zhao, Fu Jun Wang, Da Wei Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents the electromechanical system modeling of a direct-drive precision positioning XY table used for wire bonding. The XY...

Authors: M.J. Chen, Xin Chu, Chun Ya Wu, Y. Jiang

Abstract: A novel curved artificial optical compound eye structure is proposed, which needs to be manufactured by ultra-precision machining due to the...


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