Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIV

Volumes 697-698

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B.Y. He, S. Z. Chen

Abstract: Movable power station is an emergency power supply (EPS) equipment. It consists mainly of a diesel generator and a noise reduction package....

Authors: G.Q. Sun, Guan Wei Zhang, Yong Liang Chen

Abstract: For the reliability problems of drilling rod of rotary drilling rig that need to be resolved currently, the paper took the...

Authors: Chun Zhe Liu

Abstract: A practical and effective numerical method of reliability design with arbitrary distribution parameters is proposed in the paper. And...

Authors: B.Y. He, Y.H. Sun, G.P. Li, S. Z. Chen

Abstract: Sprocket has an important role in improving the transport performance and life of the armoured face conveyor, which is the key component in...

Authors: L.X. Su, Zheng Yang

Abstract: Emotions are the important factors affecting design. The instant exquisite self-demand resulted from being emotional can provide creative...

Authors: J. Huang, Zheng Yang

Abstract: With the recent years, the rise of cottage, as a projection of the different forces, takes advantage of the current main market of...

Authors: C. Zhong

Abstract: This article mainly describes the development of Chinese design culture and the impact of culture in Germany, Italy and Scandinavian...

Authors: Y.H. Sun, S.P. Wang, Q. Yue

Abstract: Based on the theory of gear mesh, the contact line equation of involute offset cylindrical worm gearing, which is consisted of an involute...

Authors: Y. Xing, Sheng Feng Qin, Tai Yong Wang, P.C. Wang, J.L. Xing

Abstract: To realize smooth manufacture of product with complex surface, a new algorithm, design for quality control (DQC), strongly connects design...

Authors: D.D. Bian, H.W. Zhang, Y.H. Liu, H.Z. Liu

Abstract: Stability is the key of designing thin-walled external-pressure Vessels. Nonlinear buckling analysis using finite element method has been...


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