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Edited by: Dong Nyung Lee
Online since: August 2002
Description: Texture is a fundamental material characteristic which results from the microstructural evolution that takes place during various processes, including the thermomechanical deformation of materials. Therefore, texture-related phenomena will continue to be of great importance, because of their scientific interest as well as their effect upon industrial applications, in the 21st century.
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Edited by: A.M. Dias, J. Pina, A.C. Batista and E. Diogo
Online since: August 2002
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The field of Residual Stresses is a very large one and is also highly interdisciplinary in nature with regard both to its applications and to its scientific and technological fundamentals. The highly successful aim of this Conference (ECRS6) was to bring together researchers and practicing engineers, academics and students from all of the European Community members; as well as guests from overseas.


Edited by: C.S. Kiminami and W.J. Botta Filho
Online since: July 2002
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The First Workshop on Metastable and Nanostructured Materials was held in the city of São Pedro (Brazil) in August 2001. These proceedings contain 22 revised papers which concentrate mainly on the topics of bulk metallic glasses and nanocrystalline materials prepared via the chemical synthesis, devitrification of mechanical alloying and compaction routes. However, other important contributions here deal with the spray deposition process and polymeric materials, as well as with the resultant magnetic, mechanical, electromagnetic, electrochemical, catalytic and optical properties of the product materials.


Edited by: P.J. Gregson and S. Harris
Online since: July 2002
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This 3-volume set comprises the proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Aluminium Alloys: Their Physical and Mechanical Properties. The papers present the latest viewpoints of the world's leading aluminium experts concerning the basic understanding, and application, of aluminium alloys. The proceedings cover a wide range of related topics and represent the views of both academia and industry.


Edited by: Y.Y. Chu and L.C. Zhao
Online since: May 2002
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This volume contains the proceedings of the International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies and Shape Memory Materials (SMST-SMM 2001) which was held in Kunming, China, on the 2-6 September, 2001. This built on the SMST and SMM international conference series; thus making the present conference more international, and fostering a lively cross-fertilization which could only promote developments in both materials themselves and in their applications. The proceedings comprise 131 papers which cover all aspects of shape memory materials (SMM), and the application of shape memory and superelastic technologies (SMST). The main topics covered are: - Medical applications of Nitinol, and related issues concerning its bio-performance and surface modification, as well as industrial applications of NiTi-, Cu- and Fe-based shape memory alloys.


Edited by: S. Yoshida, S. Nishino, H. Harima and T. Kimoto
Online since: April 2002
Description: Wide-bandgap semiconductors such as silicon carbide (SiC) and group-III Nitrides have attracted increasing attention as favored materials short-listed for use in new electronic devices; especially those destined for high-power, high-frequency and/or high-temperature applications, as well as short-wavelength light-emitters. This two-volume set contains >illustrated transcripts of papers presented at the International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2001 (ICSCRM2001), held in the Fall of 2001 at Tsukuba, Japan. This timely conference was held in the very first year of the 21st century; an era in which SiC devices are going to find a real market. More than 500 contributors; both academic scientists and device engineers, from 20 countries, discussed and exchanged ideas extensively during the five days of the conference.


Edited by: E. Ma, M. Atzmon and C.C. Koch
Online since: January 2002
Description: Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials are currently among the hottest research topics in materials science.
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Edited by: S. Asmontas, A. Dargys and H.G. Roskos
Online since: January 2002
Description: This book on ultrafast phenomena in semiconductors covers the electrical, magnetic and optical properties of charge carriers in solids and the interaction of solids and low-dimensional structures with electromagnetic fields and radiation. The book gives particular attention to: (a) Spectroscopic, transport, noise and localization properties of electrons and holes confined in quantum wells and quantum dots, including microdevices, (b) Physical principles of generation and detection of Teraherz electromagnetic radiation, and (c) high-speed electronics and materials.
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Edited by: M.J. Pomeroy, S. Hampshire, M.A. Centeno, J.A. Odriozola and Y. Laurent
Online since: December 2001
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
This volume is dedicated to the ever-expanding fields of application of nitrides in ceramics, metals, glasses, composites, coatings, sensors, catalysts and electronic thin films. The papers cover all branches of materials science and engineering which concern the role of nitrogen in improving and modifying the properties of materials; particularly those destined for novel applications. All of the papers have been peer-reviewed prior to publication, so that this book will make a very significant contribution to assessing the current state-of-the-art concerning Nitrides and Oxynitrides.


Edited by: R. Martins, I. Ferreira, E. Fortunato and G. Kroesen
Online since: November 2001
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
These proceedings describe the most recent advances and trends in the fields of dusty and colloidal plasmas: a new discipline which is highly relevant to those working on nanostructured materials, nanotechnologies and devices which are processed using plasma and fusion tools. For instance, in the case of thin-film devices, the production of new materials such as polymorphous or quasi-morphous silicon or even silicon nanotubes is highly dependent upon the production of particles, in the plasma, which are suitable for incorporation into the films produced. Therefore, it is very important to know how dusty and colloidal plasmas behave, and how high-grade electronic films can be processed under such conditions.


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