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Edited by: R. Streiff, I.G. Wright, R.C. Krutenat, M. Caillet and A. Galerie
Online since: October 2001
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The degradation of materials and coatings in aggressive environments continues to be of great relevance to a wide range of industrial applications. The topic is of vital economic concern to the transportation, energy generation, and chemical processing industries in the developing, as well as the developed, nations of the world. The dual thrusts of conservation of resources and protection of the environment here strongly influence the tone of the technical submissions and thus again reflect the world-wide concern.


Edited by: R. Schaller, G. Fantozzi and G. Gremaud
Online since: March 2001
Description: Mechanical spectroscopy is a non-destructive technique that is very well suited for studying the dynamics of singularities such as structural defects in solids. It has been successfully applied in solid state physics and materials science for more than fifty years, and the present textbook aims at summarising the state-of-the-art in this field by presenting recent results obtained in Western European laboratories. The contents are divided into nine chapters. Introduction to mechanical spectroscopy (Ch.1) is based on a complete description of the elastic, viscoelastic, and viscoplastic behaviours of solids. The anelastic response is analysed from three different viewpoints: phenomenology, rheology and thermodynamics.


Edited by: Werner Triftshäuser, Gottfried Kögel and Peter Sperr
Online since: April 2001
Description: When it comes to studying the structures and defects of materials, there is presently no technique that is superior to positron annihilation. The increasing demands for higher accuracy and reliability provide a constant stimulus to the field, and the present book relates the newest and most important scientific discoveries made in the field of positron annihilation.
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Edited by: Peter Schumacher, Paul Warren and Brian Cantor
Online since: January 2001
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Metastable, mechanically alloyed and nanocrystalline materials belong to a group of materials having very promising characteristics. In the present book,major new advances are reported in the field of bulk metallic glasses and bulk nanocrystalline materials; as prepared using devitrification or mechanical alloying and compaction. Other important issues include the understanding of processing kinetics leading to applications in various fields; in particular, the mechanical alloying of steels and the exploitation of the magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed materials.


Edited by: Namas Chandra
Online since: January 2001
Description: From once being of interest only to the aerospace and aeronautical ndustries, superplastic forming (SPF) has recently made inroads into the automotive, rail, architectural, sports, dental and entertainment sectors. However, due to a number of problematic technological issues ranging from die-material selection, die design, surface finish (e.g. alpha casing), differential thinning, temperature-pressure-time cycle determination and overall economy, the application of superplasticity has reached nowhere near its full potential.
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Edited by: G. Pensl, D. Stephani and M. Hundhausen
Online since: January 2001
Description: Wide bandgap semiconductors such as SiC, III-V nitrides and related compounds are currently attracting more and more attention due to their very interesting physical properties, which are different from those of conventional semiconductors. Steady improvement of the crystal quality and improved knowledge of the physical properties of these materials are leading to rapid developments in high-power, high-temperature, high-frequency electronics and blue light emitters.
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Edited by: D.P. Uskokovic, G.A. Battiston, J.M. Nedeljkovic, S.K. Milonjic and D.I. Rakovic
Online since: August 2000
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Materials science and engineering incorporate acquiring of knowledge on synthesis and processing of materials, their composition and structure, properties and behaviour, functions and potentialities as well as application of that knowledge to various final products. Economic prosperity, life quality, and healthy environment are tightly connected with the improvements in the existing and the development of advanced materials and processing technologies. These improvements and development can contribute greatly to the national priorities: energy saving, environment and health protection, information and communication, infrastructure, transportation, etc.


Edited by: Y. Kojima, T. Aizawa and S. Kamado
Online since: August 2000
Description: Magnesium alloys are among the most promising materials in various high-tech applications. This millennium volume on advanced magnesium alloys centers on the following five topics: (1) New magnesium alloy design with microstructure control, (2) Non-traditional surface treatment, (3) Advanced smelting and casting technologies to enhance recyclability, (4) Optimum design for space structures and systems, and (5) High-performance magnesium alloy design and processing.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).


Edited by: A.J. Böttger, R. Delhez and E.J. Mittemeijer
Online since: May 2000
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Materials, as utilized, experience the effect of residual, internal stresses, as these are the outcome of the material synthesis and/or engineering, and/or application in practice. Understanding and control of residual stresses is a prerequisite for successful application of materials in wide ranging areas as corresponding to, e.g., the microelectronic industry (thin films) and the automotive industry (crankshafts).


Edited by: J. Eckert, H. Schlörb and L. Schultz
Online since: May 2000
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
This books reports exciting new research results in the area of bulk metallic glasses and bulk nanocrystalline materials prepared by severe plastic deformation. Other major topics include synthesis and processing of metals, intermetallics and oxides, polymers, nanocomposites and others by different techniques, including mechanosynthesis and mechanochemistry. Also covered are the structural characterization of nanophase materials and the structural evolution caused by mechanical treatment.


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