Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X.Y. Tao, X.B. Zhang, W.M. Zhu, Y.W. Wang, F. Liu, J.P. Tu, L. Zhang, S.S. Cao, C.Y. Min

Abstract: Bamboo-shaped carbon nanotubes (BCNTs) have been synthesized by chemical vapor deposition method. The activated BCNTs after simple ball...

Authors: Z.Y. Li, Hui Min Huang, C. Wang

Abstract: The carbon-nanofibers carrying Ag nanoparticles (Ag/CNF) have been successfully obtained via electrospinning followed by calcination. For...

Authors: Juan Liu, Yue Zhang, Jun Jie Qi, Yun Hua Huang, Xiao Mei Zhang

Abstract: In-doped ZnO nanodisks were successfully fabricated by thermal evaporation Zn, In2O3 and graphite powder mixture without catalyst....

Authors: Sen Wang, Guo Jun Yu, Jin Long Gong, De Zhang Zhu, Zhi Yuan Zhu

Abstract: A highly uniform Fe antidot array with a density up to 1.2×1010/cm2 was fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering deposition of Fe film on...

Authors: Jing Wang, Hua Min Kou, Yu Bai Pan, Jing Kun Guo

Abstract: In this article stable multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) aqueous suspension with a 1.0 wt.% concentration was obtained with a very...

Authors: B.F. Pan, R. He, F. Gao, L.M. Ao, H.Y. Tian, D.X. Cui

Abstract: A safe, common, and low-cost method was proven to be effective for the synthesis of high quality CdSe nanocrystals. Cd(Ac)2 and Lauric acid...

Authors: Jin Cheng, Xiao Ping Zou, Li Kun Wang

Abstract: Many preparations of carbon nanotubes have been developed in the last decade, such as arc discharge, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor...

Authors: Liang Sheng Qiang, Dong Yan Tang, Xing Hong Zhang, L. Jin

Abstract: By adding methyl alcohol/water solution with certain concentration into sol to hydrolysis directly and sintering the fresh sol directly,...

Authors: W.Z. Huang, X.B. Zhang, F.Z. Kong, Y. Li, D. Lu, X.X. Ke, F. Liu

Abstract: GNFs with fish-bone structure were first produced by a simple method. To optimize the growth conditions, different hydrogen treatment of...

Authors: Xiao Liang Shi, Gang Qin Shao, Xing Long Duan

Abstract: WC-10Co nanocomposite powders prepared by spray pyrogenation-continuous reduction and carburization technology were consolidated by vacuum...


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