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Authors: Shi Cheng Zhang, J.H. Yu, Xing Guo Li, Y.F. Zhu, Wen Huai Tian
Authors: Zai Yin Huang
Abstract:Large-scale synthesis of In-doped SnO2 (ITO) nanowires was achieved by direct thermal evaporation of a mixture of Sn and In powders at 900°C...
Authors: Dan Ming Chao, J.Y. Chen, Xiao Feng Lu, Wan Jin Zhang
Abstract:With an average diameter of 300-500 nm, conducting microspheres of polyaniline (PANI) were synthesized successfully by a self-assembly...
Authors: Na Liu, Xing Wang, Hui Cao, Chun Hai Chen, Wan Jin Zhang
Abstract:A novel hollow sphere having rigid binaphthyl macrocycle as shell was prepared by means of sacrifice the silica core. The synthesis of...
Authors: Qiu Sun, Fu Ping Wang, Zhao Hua Jiang
Abstract:Ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate(PZT)thin films have attracted great attention because of their potential applications in memory...
Authors: Gang Qin Shao, Jing Kun Guo, Xing Long Duan, Peng Sun, Z. Xiong, Xiao Liang Shi
Authors: Chan Park, Kook Soo Bang, Kwon Taek Lim, Dong Soo Park, Hai Doo Kim
Abstract:The interaction between gas atmosphere and silicon during reaction bonded silicon nitride(RBSN)process leads to a non-uniform band formation...
Authors: Xiao Dong He, Fei He, Yao Li
Abstract:Two-step acid-base catalyzed silica xerogels were prepared through sol-gel and ambient pressure drying. Various additive components were...
Authors: Yong Luan, Ping Feng Fu, Xue Gang Dai
Abstract:Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide co-doped with Fe3+ and Nd3+ were prepared using the sol-gel method. The prepared TiO2 photocatalyst was...
Authors: Y. Wu, C.H. Liu, H. Huang, S.S. Fan
Abstract:We present a prototype of thermal interface material (TIM) by incorporating aligned carbon nanotube arrays (CNA) into polydimethylsiloxane...
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