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Authors: Ke Feng Cai, Q. Lei, C. Yan, L.C. Zhang
Abstract:Te nanomaterials, with different morphologies, such as nanospheres, micro- and nanobranches, and microtrees with tubular nanobranches were...
Authors: F. Liu, X.B. Zhang, J.P. Cheng, Y. Li, X.Y. Tao, W.C. Li, Z.Q. Luo, S.M. Zhou, L. Sheng, W. Jäger
Abstract:CNTs-HDPE composites were prepared by the blend method. SEM was used to investigate the microstructure of the composites. The electrical and...
Authors: S.H. Yoo, J.K. Yang, Sung Tag Oh, Kae Myung Kang, Sung Goon Kang, C.J. Lee, Yong Ho Choa
Abstract:An optimum route to synthesize Al2O3-based composite powders with a homogeneous dispersion of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) was investigated....
Authors: Ke Feng Cai, C. Yan, X.R. He, A.X. Zhang
Abstract:Ga2O3 nanowires were prepared by vapor-solid process in atmosphere, using commercial Ga ingot and Ga2O3 powder or Al2O3 powder as the...
Authors: W.X. Zhang, Z.H. Yang, S.X. Ding, S.H. Yang
Abstract:In this paper, we report a simple and large-scale fabrication of CuO array films with different nanostructures grown on copper foils. CuO...
Authors: Liang Sheng Qiang, B. Liu, D.H. Fan, M. Ge, Y.L. Yang
Abstract:Rare earth complex Eu(phen)2Cl3·2H2O synthesized by precipitation method was incorporated into MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieves which were...
Authors: Soo Ja Shin, Young Soo Kang
Abstract:The magnetic Co nanoparticle was prepared by coprecipitation route in aqueous solution and Figlarz’s polyol method which consists of...
Authors: M.A.K.L. Dissanayake, S. Udakara, P.A.R.D Jayathilaka, R.S.P. Bokalawala
Authors: Ming Fen Wen, D. Yang, Jian Chen, Ch.L. Song, Yong Wan Gu
Abstract:A number of experiments were carried out with different Ce-Zr oxides doped La3+、Pr3+ or Mn4+ in order to improve their performance as a...
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