Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Feng Yan, Zuo Cheng Zhou, Fa Bing Su, X.S. Zhao

Abstract: This work describes the combination of photolithography and self-assembly methods for fabrication of 3D photonic crystals (PCs) with...

Authors: Shiz Zhang Qiao, Lian Zhou Wang, Qiu Hong Hu, Zhong Hua Zhu, Gao Qing Max Lu

Abstract: Highly ordered rods of large-pore periodic mesoporous organosilica (PMO) were successfully synthesized at low acid concentrations and in...

Authors: Z. Cao, Zhong Liang Xiao, Ning Gu, S. Shimada, T. Fukuda, Hirofumi Matsuda

Abstract: In this paper, the corrosion phenomenon occurred on the polycrystalline gold substrates has been for the first time observed by in situ...

Authors: Teresa Oh, Dong Sik Bae, Myung Ho Kim

Abstract: Pentacene channel for organic thin film transistor was deposited on the SiOC film by thermal evaporation. The growth of pentacene is...

Authors: S. Suraprapapich, S. Thainoi, S. Kanjanachuchai, S. Panyakeow

Abstract: InAs lateral quantum dot molecules (QDMs) are grown on (001)-GaAs substrates. The self-assembled QDMs are formed in one continuous...

Authors: Jenn Sen Lin, Shin Pon Ju, M.H. Weng, Wen Jay Lee

Abstract: In this study, the molecular dynamics is employed to simulate the selfassembly of crossed gold nanowires at various temperatures. The...

Authors: Heng Yi Su, Chien Te Hsieh, Jin Ming Chen, Han Chang Shih

Abstract: Through self-assembly monolayer surface treatment, metal oxide nanoparticles uniformly dispersed onto carbon nanotubes (CNTs) surface are...

Authors: Zhi Gang Li, Xin Wei Zhao, Shi Bing Long, Li Hui Zhang, Ming Liu

Abstract: Long erbium disilicide nanowires were fabricated through laser ablation and annealing process on the Si (001) surface. The ErSi2 nanowires...

Authors: Chien Te Hsieh, Jin Ming Chen, Yue Hao Huang, Rong Rong Kuo, Chung Tien Li, Han Chang Shih

Abstract: This work explores an estimation of adsorptive surface coverage for carbon tetrachloride onto different carbon nanofibers (CNFs). Two kinds...

Authors: Min Young Lee, Chan Park, Seong Soo Hong, Yeong Soon Gal, Kwon Taek Lim

Abstract: Well-defined block copolymers consisting of a hydrophilic poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) and lipophobic poly (1H,1H-perfluorooctyl...


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