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Authors: Yong Bo Wu, Li Jun Wang

Abstract: Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) is often employed to obtain a super smooth work-surface of a silicon wafer. However, as a conventional...

Authors: Yong Hong Tian, Guang Jian Chen

Abstract: Multi-core processor parallels two or more computing core in a single processor to enhance computational capability. Plenty of former...

Authors: Yong Guang Wang, Liang Chi Zhang

Abstract: Chemo-mechanical polishing (CMP) has been a useful method to produce superior brittle wafer surfaces. This paper reviews the CMP of silicon...

Authors: Yunn Shiuan Liao, P.W. Hong, C.T. Yang
Authors: Jae Young Choi, Hwan Kim, J. Park, S. Chung, Hae Do Jeong, M. Kinoshita
Authors: J.Y. Liu, Dong Ming Guo, Zhu Ji Jin, Ren Ke Kang

Abstract: The lubrication properties of the slurry between the silicon wafer and the pad in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) are critical to the...

Authors: Jing Zhai, Zi Feng Ni, Qing Zhong Li

Abstract: A kind of slurry which is applicable for fine atomizing CMP was made and the optimal results were obtained through orthogonal experiments by...

Authors: Juan Fang, Hong Bo Zhang

Abstract: The “Memory Wall” problem has become a bottleneck for the performance of processor, and on-chip multiprocessor(CMP) aggravates the memory...

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