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Authors: Kamil Kolařík, Karel Trojan, Jiří Čapek, Jiří Sís, Ondřej Řídký, Lukáš Zuzánek, Nikolaj Ganev

Abstract: Residual stresses (RS) and welding process represent a traditional partnership between an ever evolving, and vital, technological process...

Authors: Christopher Locke, G. Kravchenko, P. Waters, J. D. Reddy, K. Du, A.A. Volinsky, Christopher L. Frewin, Stephen E. Saddow

Abstract: Single crystal 3C-SiC films were grown on (100) and (111) Si substrate orientations in order to study the resulting mechanical properties of...

Authors: Mahmoud Mostafavi, Yelena Vertyagina, Christina Reinhard, Robert Bradley, Xia Jiang, Marina Galano, James Marrow

Abstract: Hardness testing obtains material properties from small specimens via measurement of load-displacement response to an imposed indentation;...

Authors: Hideki Shimizu, S. Kiyono, Wei Gao, H. Shoji

Abstract: For effective medical treatment, sensors that can find foreign bodies such as tumors in early stage are required. This paper describes a new...

Authors: Supakanya Khanchaiyaphum, Charnnarong Saikaew, Parinya Srisattayakul, Naphatara Intanon

Abstract: Improving the surface quality of various machine components can extend their lifespans by several orders of magnitude. Thin film coating is...

Authors: Norbert Kazamer, Dragos Toader Pascal, Gabriela Marginean, Viorel Aurel Şerban, Cosmin Codrean, Ion Dragoş Uţu

Abstract: In order to be competitive, it is demanded to have thin, tough and long lasting coatings. An important aspect is to use stable deposition...

Authors: N. Donnelly, M. McConnell, Denis P. Dowling, J.D. O'Mahony
Authors: Min Woo Park, Wang Woo Lee, Jae Gab Lee, Chong Mu Lee

Abstract: Chromium (Cr) films were deposited on plain carbon steel sheets by DC and RF magnetron sputtering as well as by electroplating. Effects of...

Authors: Wei Qiang Hu, Zong De Liu, Guang Yang, Yong Tian Wang, Hua Lei Zhang

Abstract: A thick Fe-based amorphous and nanocrystalline composite coating was prepared by in-situ tungsten inert gas (TIG) cladding method. The...

Authors: Tian Bo Yu, Niels Hansen

Abstract: A model is suggested to analyze recovery kinetics of heavily deformed aluminum. The model is based on the hardness of isothermal annealed...

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