Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV

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Authors: Zai Ping Chen, Jia Sen Miao
Abstract: For the hysteretic problems of using offline monitoring in traditional petrochemical corporations heating furnace, a design of realizing multimode heating furnace combustion state online monitoring system based on ZigBee technology is proposed. The system send the collected flue gas data to the PLC by the online flue gas analyzer, and send the flue gas data to configuration interface in the computer of control room for monitoring by the wireless network. The results of application show that the system is steady and reliable, and the data transmission is right and very stable and accord with the requirement desired.
Authors: Ji Ping Liu
Abstract: This paper mainly introduce the hardware design and working principle of intelligent IC card heat meter which use the single-chip PIC16C72 as the core. This heat meter system can calculate the actual heat consumption in certain time that is used by users through measuring instantaneous flow and temperature of hot water, and users can adjust water flow of heating apparatus to realize the targets of saving both energy and charges.
Authors: Lin Zhao, Chang Wang, Li Min, Shu Juan Li
Abstract: The vibration sensor signal acquisition and FFT signal processing principle are described in detail, designed a fiber Bragg grating vibration monitoring system. On one hand, the system realized the multi-parameter data acquisition and remote transmission of fiber Bragg grating technology, on the other hand, provide complete data analysis and display functions. The experimental results show the system can be used effectively for turbine engine vibration monitoring, provides software support for subsequent fault diagnosis.
Authors: Xu Yang, Lu Song, Jin Duan
Abstract: This study designs and develops a set of far-field laser spot energy testing system based on energy density detecting array. Through installing energy density detectors on the characteristic location of energy density target, the practical value of laser’s energy could be adopted. Meanwhile, by the use of visible light image equipment, the energy density distribution image of laser spot with a wavelength of 532nm on target surface could be obtained. After that, the energy density of each spot on the target surface as well as the energy density distribution have been figured out by fusing the grey level of laser spot image with the practical energy value detected by laser energy probes. The result shows that this system, which is simple, reliable, and available for the far-field laser energy density measurement under all circumstances, is capable of precisely measuring the far-field laser energy distribution with more than 1km with few measurement errors.
Authors: Fei Xin Lou, Xi Hong Chen, Yu Liang Xu, Ji Zhe Sun, Fa Wen Wu
Abstract: To deal with the health performance degradation of electronic equipment, a new health evaluation method based on improved manifold learning algorithm and HMM is proposed in this paper. Firstly, according to SNPP algorithm KSUNPP is proposed by introducing an uncorrelated constraint and kernel method, and the improved algorithm is used for feature extraction. Secondly, the health evaluation model of electronic equipment is constructed. Then, by calculating KL distance which can measure the fault degradation, the model can evaluate the health performance degradation. Finally, the proposed method is applied to health evaluation of electronic equipment which belongs to one type of missile, experiment results demonstrate that the method is effective.
Authors: Zheng Qun Hu, Chang Lü, Jun Pei
Abstract: Earth station and satellite are important components of the satellite communication system, this paper analyses earth station antenna for the main measurement parameters, which include azimuth, elevation, satellite to the ground distance and AGC of beacon signal; explores the earth station antenna AGC servo tracking system; azimuth, elevation and AGC level value are calculated when the earth station in Peking aligns APstar-1 satellite. Experimental results show that the changing amplitude of azimuth, elevation and APstar-1satlellite drifts rate is increasing in the past years.
Authors: Zhe Wang, Cheng Pan, Hai Chuan Xu
Abstract: In order to precisely monitor the inner-flue tube wall temperature of the boiler platen super-heater, the temperature measurement test of inner-flue and outer-flue tube wall has been carried out. And the data of inner-flue and outer-flue tube wall temperature was acquired in real time. According to the experimental data, the correlative rule about inner-outer flue tube wall temperature was analyzed and researched. Moreover, the data was analyzed to get the relationship of wall temperature, load, water-coal ratio, main stream temperature between the inner-flue and outer-flue furnace. So the correlative formula which was based on the relation between inner-flue tube wall temperature and outer-flue tube wall temperature was built up and checked.
Authors: Jing Xie, Chang Hang Xu, Guo Ming Chen
Abstract: We propose an infrared thermal image processing framework based on a modified fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm with revised similarity measure in this paper. The framework can realize the defect detection of a metal part with rough surface. Firstly, a comprehensive method is used to preprocess infrared thermal image. Secondly, the preprocessed image is segmented using modified fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm with revised similarity measure. Finally, taking the average gray level of each cluster in the original gray scale image as a feature, defect cluster is recognized. Experimental result shows that the proposed framework has very promising performance and can obtain precise information of defects on a metal part with rough surface.
Authors: Pen Ren Chen, Kai Mao, Yu Mei Sun
Abstract: The rifle curve, straightness and roughness of the firearm bore wall play a crucial role to the shooting accuracy and distance. Detection on the bore wall is therefore very important on purpose of improving the accuracy of fine processing and ensuring the quality of products. However, the regular detection method is helpless due to the space and size restriction of the bore wall. In order to solve this technical problem, a detection system for the bore wall is discussed, the system structure is briefly introduced, the system principle is analyzed and the application value of popularization is also pointed out in this paper. The detection accuracy has exceeded the current standard at home and abroad and reached the level of nm. The rifle curve, straightness and roughness of the firearm bore wall play a crucial role to the shooting accuracy and distance. Detection on the bore wall is therefore very important on purpose of improving the accuracy of fine processing and ensuring the quality of product. As for the detection of rifle curve, straightness and roughness of the firearm bore wall, the current method is only limit to the endoscopic camera and computer image processing, and the effect on the larger flaw is obvious but can not reach the fine requirement for the detection of the new products.
Authors: Li Ma, Ya Fang Yin
Abstract: This paper presents a method of 1394b bus transmission cable electric parameters testing and provides a reliable way in selecting transmission cable. This paper introduces the IEEE-1394b protocol for transmission cable of electric parameters and requirements. We set up platform for 1394 cable testing, taking four kinds of 1394 bare wire cable and cable with Quadrax connector for dielectric withstanding voltage, differential impedance and so on. Using this test method can accurately reflect the 1394 cable’s electrical characteristics.

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