Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV

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Authors: Hai Peng Liu, Ke Zhang, Heng Nian Li
Abstract: With the fast development of aviation industry, integrated navigation techniques must be improved quickly along with it. In order to overcome the limitation of classical Kalman filtering algorithm in multi-sensor information fusion, the regression memory factor is introduced while the statistic characteristic of the system noise and measurement noise are uncertain. Firstly, a novel federated least square filtering algorithm based on integrated navigation is offered, and this filtering algorithm’s practical criterion is deducted. Then, a simulation flat of integrated navigation system is set up, and the simulation is conducted. Finally, through the contrast between this filter and the classical federated filter, the adaptability and accuracy of this algorithm is approved.
Authors: Bao Sheng Zhang, Hui Li Zhang, Peng Zhang, Chao Meng
Abstract: It is extremely important to know the water level in the subsea separators. Based on its highly tolerant behavior towards many different side-effects occurring in separators, inductive approach for measuring oil-water interface level is studied. The inductive sensor employed a couple of ferrite cores in the oil/water Mixture is designed. The experimental results shows induced voltage value in the second ferrite core increases with depth of core increasing in the water .The sensor has different sensitive degree to oil-water mixture under different frequency sign. The optimal frequency is from 60 to 80kHz .According to inductive voltage signal produced by a couple of ferrite cores, the oil-water interface level can be detected.
Authors: Tie Liu Wang, Zheng Qian Feng
Abstract: Anti-interference magnets sensor is used to railway wheel signal detection, it includes a magnetic field, a set which have induction to the magnetic field and the signal processing circuit which connect to the induction parts. In order to completely overcome the defect compared with ordinary wheel sensor in anti-interference, and not only adapt to measure the high speed train, but also adapt to measure the low speed train. We designed a kind of new wide response speed railway wheel sensor used giant magnetic resistance. It satisfies the requirements of detecting speed of 0km/h to 350 km/h, and improves the accuracy of detecting kinds of parameters in train. So it can ensure the safety of the train traffic[1-2].
Authors: Pei Feng Zhao, Xu Zheng, Dao Shun Wang
Abstract: This paper study an method of extension the range of gas- electric measurement. Using the effection of the high speed air flowing into the throttle orifice make out an wide rang and not be affected by the fluctuation of the gas source pressure gas-electrical measurement .The measured value of using the differential pressure sensor is greater than the value of the gas source pressure, effectively increase the effective rang. C8051F350 microcontroller with built-in 24-bit resolution AD converter, 18b20 temperature sensor, RS485 bus, and industrial computer are used to make of measuring and controlling system .
Authors: Zhi Xin Chen, Shuai Liu
Abstract: In order to reduce the influence of the bench extraction equipment from the working deep-water exploration ship when it has swing or heave movement by wind and waves, according to the 3000m deep-water exploration ship work condition and the structural parameters, through analysing and calculating, wave compensation control system of deep-water exploration ship bench extraction equipment was researched. Modeling and simulation analysis were done used by dynamic system software Matlab/simulink which has the functions of modeling and simulation. So that displacement response simulation curve of wave compensation system was obtained, which can be utilized to analyze the motion compensation effect of bench further.
Authors: Li Peng Lu, Ming Yue Zhai, Ying Liu, Xiao Da Sun
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has been widely recognized as a promising technology in smart grid. However, sensor nodes have limited battery energy. So, we present a mathematical model which is to reduce energy consumption and prolong the lifetime of WSNs. Because of the high density of sensor nodes deployment, a sleep mechanism is proposed to make all sensor nodes work by turns while all service requests can be satisfied. And then, an Improved Sleep Mechanism is put forward to remove redundant active nodes. The simulation result indicates that energy consumption adopting the ISNSS is lower than or equal to the energy consumption adopting SNSS. The SNSS and ISNSS all can save some energy of WSNs to some extent and when the redundant active nodes are removed, the network energy consumption is further reduced based on the SNSS.
Authors: Zhi Gang Yao, Li Cheng, Qing Lin Wang
Abstract: This paper provides an overview and analysis of data-driven sensor fault detection, diagnosis and validation from the application viewpoint. The typical sensor fault detection indices in the literature and the fundamental issues of necessary and sufficient conditions for detectability, reconstructability, identifiability and isolatability are analyzed. The main objective is to study the essential and important algorithms and techniques for single or multiple sensor fault diagnosis and validation. The issues of optimal principal components, sensor validity index, maximized sensitivity, as well as robust sensor fault diagnosis, etc. are discussed. Additional focuses are summarized at the end of the paper for future investigation.
Authors: Ling Wang, Xin Wang, Shu Mao Wang
Abstract: Feeding rate measurement is one of the most critical technologies in precision agricultural system. In present study, a wireless sensor was constructed to detect the feeding rate for corn combine harvester. Torsional strain gauges were fixed in the modified sprocket at header auger to measure the flow rate of collected corn in a form of torque. The force change was then transformed into voltage signal, which could be transmitted by Zigbee wireless module integrated in the sensor. To evaluate the reliability of the sensor, field study was conducted to develop a model between feeding rate and wheel torque. Obtained results showed that the developed sensor could detect the change of feeding rate, and further work should be conducted to calibrate the accuracy of the sensor.
Authors: Lan Xin Hu, Xiao Xiao Wang, Xing Bao Bian
Abstract: The paper provides a method to establish a system for monitoring the arrival time of trains or subway trains, and their real-time positions and speeds during runtime. The system consists of wireless sensor nodes along the tracks and in the gateways at stations, which are connected to a central control room. The monitoring principle is the following: (1) when a train or subway train is entering the detection area, the related nodes will work and monitor data including the real-time positions and speeds; (2) when all data are obtained, the nodes will process the data and transfer the data to the gateways; (3) the gateways will further process the data and transfer the data to the central control room. Then, the central control room will provide the information of the arrival time, real-time positions and speeds of trains or subway trains to each station. Apparently, this system and method will provide a base for the safely automatic operation of trains or subway trains.
Authors: Wei Wang, Zhao Ba Wang
Abstract: China has over one hundred of glass production lines, which are about 200 meter. It can produce different kinds of sheet glass. When changing the thickness of class, it will take a long time to regulate the productive method. If the thickness of glass brand is not stable, it will result in great waste. However, if we can detect the glass thickness in the hot side of the tinbath or annealing kiln and provide the data in time, we can shorten the time and reduce the cost. Our research project adopts laser trigonometry displacement measure theory in the hot side of annealing kiln to make sensibility of the reaction signal low and noise loud at the surface of glass. Furthermore, we must use special methods to deal with the signal. Through the experimental validating and the data-analyzing, the theory and the method are feasible.The research in this field has great significance to improve our country’s glass production quality, cut down the production cost and lessen the waste of materials.

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