Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV

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Authors: Manop Hongkammeung, Tanakorn Wongwuttanasatian
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to investigate and compare the electrical power generation between the water weighted sun tracking system and the fixed installation system of the 1 MW solar power plant at Sirindhorn Dam. Two types of photovoltaic cell used in the water weighted sun tracking system were considered: multi-crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. The results proved that the multi-crystalline silicon type produced 20.58% and the amorphous silicon type produced 16.57% more electrical energy than those of the fixed installation system, respectively. Overall, the water weighted sun tracking system generated 300,934.11 kWh/year more than that of the fixed installation system. The cost of the water weighted sun tracking system was 8.04 million bath and the payback period was 2.44 years, which was considered an attractive investment.
Authors: Nitin Sharma, Aman Goel, Avishek Ghosh, Abhimanyu Kohli
Abstract: Mankind’s lax approach towards energy sources during its past years of incessant growth has led to chopping of fossil fuels and done immense harm to the environment. Today we are faced with a challenge to develop eco friendly systems that ensure sustainable development with minimum harm to our fragile surroundings We propose a system consisting a Stirling engine that, using the temperature difference between the condenser inlets and outlets of a power plant (nuclear or thermal), produces power. This will sooth our problems to some extent. In this paper, we will briefly discuss the working of thermal/nuclear power plants in combination with Stirling engine in order to increase the efficiency of conventional power plant systems up to the order of 80% . Above all our system causes lower emissions when compared to the already existing systems since the engine producing power has zero emission. The main advantage of our proposed system is that there will be increase in power production of the existing plants without any further increase in the energy supply. This small auxiliary system working in synchronization with the main system increases the overall efficiency of the plant by increasing the power output without additional energy being expended and also reduces the load on the power plants during peak load requirements.
Authors: Fan Bo Meng, Hong Hao Zhao, Jie Wang
Abstract: As a new kind of optical cable with high energy efficiency, low cost and high reliability, optical phase conductor (OPPC) cable has received widely concern in the industry area. In this paper, we consider the practical experience from the projects and take 10kV and 66kV circuit as examples. We analyze and discuss the important and difficult issues and problems of OPPC cable in design, construction and operation based on the requirement and circumstance of low voltage power grid communication network. After that, we provide a feasible and effective solution for low voltage grid of fiber optic coverage.
Authors: Jalil Ghahramani, Seyed Siavash Karimi Madahi
Abstract: Since most of the new FACTS devices are operating in compensating active and reactive power and most of the electrical energy saving systems have an acceptable operation in compensating active and reactive power, in this paper a combined compensator of STATCOM-SMES is introduced and is exploit in order to adjust the transient stability of power network. The purpose of this paper is analyzing the more effective operation of combined compensator of STATCOM-SMES comparing with STATCOM compensator, using an appropriate strategy in adjusting the transient stability. To do this, a single machine infinite bus is assumed as sample system and using combined compensator in sample power network, appropriate results are shown for adjusting transient stability. Simulations are carried out using PSCAD/EMTDC.
Authors: Sajjad Dehghanpour, Sobhan Dehghanpour
Abstract: Impact is one of very important subjects which always have been considered in mechanical science. Nature of impact is such that which makes its control a hard task. Therefore it is required to present the transfer of impact to other vulnerable part of a structure, when it is necessary, one of the best method of absorbing energy of impact , is by using Thin-walled tubes these tubes collapses under impact and with absorption of energy, it prevents the damage to other parts. Purpose of recent study is to survey the deformation and energy absorption of tubes with different type of cross section (rectangular or square) and with similar volumes, height, mean cross section, and material under loading. Lateral loading of tubes are quasi-static type and beside as numerical analysis, also experimental experiences has been performed to evaluate the accuracy of the results. Results from the surveys is indicates that in a same conditions which mentioned above, samples with square cross section ,absorb more energy compare to rectangular cross section, and also by increscent in thickness, energy absorption would be more.
Authors: Fang Liu, Wei Wang, Kui Li, Lei Wang
Abstract: Aircrafts with common attitude maneuverability (e.g. helicopter) are in more and more urgent need of low cost and high precision inertial navigation system (INS). To meet this demand, a scheme of fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) with single-axis to and fro rotation-modulation method is adopted. A short-time alignment method bases on open-loop mathematic platform misalignment model is studied. The test results from the actual system show that this method has characteristic of high accuracy and simple, reliable operation. The estimate accuracy of azimuth error and is less than 2’. And the estimate error of north drift achieves 0.001º/h. Simultaneously, the input-axis accelerometer bias and gyroscope drift are estimated exactly.
Authors: Meng Ran Zhou, Dong Yue Ling, Ying Liang Ye
Abstract: In our country, as the great threat caused by gas explosion or gas accident to the safety in coal mine production, the development of gas monitoring system is key to preventing accidents beforehand.. Putted into interferometer, the amplitude and the intensity of the incident ray carrying the information of gas concentration are divided many times by reflection and transmission, which results in many parallel beams in the form of the reflected light and the transmitted light. The concentration of the gas can be obtained by testing the light intensity signal . The experiment results show that an accurate measurement result which is capable for the gas concentration test in underground abominable conditions can be got by this mean. Particularly, based on multiplexing technique of optical fiber sensing, it is easy to build a sensor network. This method has an important significance and a good prospect of application and extension for gas monitoring and safety production in the coal mine.
Authors: Xiao Jing Tian, Hua Jun Dong, Da Peng Yin, Zi Yu Zhao
Abstract: The morphology of plasma jet (PJ) directly demonstrates whether the procedure of spray processes is stable. The paper proposes an acquisition system of PJ images and an improved edge detection method is presented to get the morphology of PJ. Firstly, the PJ images are gray enhanced to remove the influence of noises. Then they are enhanced with edge sharpening. At last, they are edge detected through Canny, Laplacian and Sobel operator. From the results we can see that the improved method can get more clear and more complete PJ image morphology than traditional one. The processing methods provide foundation for the online detection of PJ morphology and for diagnosing the forming quality.
Authors: Yu Liang Jiao, Xue Jun Zhang, Xiang Min Guan
Abstract: Classifying other aircraft’ intentions are a very complex task but it can be very essential in assisting system in navigating safely in dynamic and possibly hostile environments. This paper introduces an intent classification and conflict detection approach based on support vector machines. It then applies it to a conflict detection problem to assist an aircraft in detecting the intention of an approaching suspicious aircraft. The SVM-based conflict detection approach achieved very promising results.
Authors: Bing Chao Li, Ji Zeng Wei, Yi Song Chang, Wei Guo, Ji Zhou Sun
Abstract: In this paper we propose a novel hardware implementation applied in embedded system for the power computation of specular term of Phong shading. Based on piecewise linear approximation, the power unit is implemented with SMIC 0.18μm CMOS technology and can complete 50 million power computation per second with the maximum approximation error of 0.00141 when the exponent of power is 20. The area cost is 12.3K gates. The maximum RGB color error of generated graphics is only 1 resulting in no visual difference compared with graphics generated by software.

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