Manufacturing Engineering and Process II

Volumes 325-326

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Song Pan, Jing Wang, Cheng Ling Pan

Abstract: PEEK based composites have been increasingly employed as biomaterials due to its excellent biological characteristics. In this paper, the...

Authors: Wei Guang Zheng, Ying Feng Lei, Qi Bai Huang, Chuan Bing Li

Abstract: This paper presents the concept of a compact hybrid sound absorber, based on a combined approach for sound absorption. A flexible...

Authors: Zhe Cheng, Wen Jun Wang, Wen Qing Shen, Ai Wu Fan, Wei Liu

Abstract: To extend the stable combustion range of micro-combustor, a heat-recirculating-type planar micro-combustor fitted with a bluff-body was...

Authors: G.R.N. Tagore, G. Venkateswarlu, M.J. Davidson

Abstract: Magnesium alloys exhibit poor formability at room temperature because of their hexagonal close packed (hcp) structure. The grain refinement...

Authors: Ali Ozturk, Mufit Gulgec

Abstract: In this theoretical study, based on Trescas yield criterion and its associated flow rule, the elastic deformation of a centrally heated...

Authors: Alina Vintilescu, Jeremy Jallageas, Jean Yves K'Nevez, Mehdi Chérif

Abstract: Composite in aircraft structures has become increasingly important and should represent approximately 50% in mass till 2012. During the...

Authors: Hossein Hamedanianpour, Jean François Chatelain

Abstract: Polymer matrix composites, particularly carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) are widely used in various high technology industries,...

Authors: Amin Huang, Jian Xin Zhang, Xiao Wen Wu, Yang Wang

Abstract: TiN coating as an interlayer in Ti/TiN/PbO2 electrode and PbO2 catalytic layer were fabricated by reactive plasma...

Authors: Yang Wang, Jian Xin Zhang, Amin Huang, Xiao Wen Wu

Abstract: In this paper nanotube TiO2 coating as an interlayer was produced on Ti substrate and the performances of the Ti/nanotube...


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