Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fan Hu Meng, Li Ping Sun, Liang Kuan Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, a novel control method by using parallel online mixing and supplying technology for glue system with multi-input, strong...

Authors: Shi Jie Wang, Hao Sun

Abstract: Progressing cavity pumping operation is one of the five main artificial lift technologies in current oil industry. It has been successfully...

Authors: Yan Ting Ai, Song Jin Li, Bang Hui Yin, Shi Mo Bai

Abstract: The combustion instability is an important reason for fatigue failure of the vibro-acoustic coupling combustion chamber thin-walled...

Authors: Xue Yan Sun, Xing Yu Jiang, Shi Jie Wang, Jia Qi Jin

Abstract: To cope with the challenges of traditional quality management system applied in individualized customization, product lifecycle oriented...

Authors: Xing Yu Jiang, Xue Yan Sun, Shi Jie Wang, Xin Min Zhang

Abstract: To cope with the problems of monitoring dynamic and variable quality variation for individualized customization, diagnosing the abnormal...

Authors: Zhong Hai He, Guang Shuai Zhu

Abstract: A lung simulator utilizing flow track to simulate spontaneous breathing is presented as an alternative to the existed lung system in the...

Authors: Xiao Hua Zeng, Qing Nian Wang, Shuai Zheng

Abstract: The total power of vehicle power source is mainly decided by accelerating process. Because the current total power demand by the...

Authors: Mohd Ruzi Harun, N. Muhamad, Abu Bakar Sulong, Nor Hafiez Mohamad Nor, Mohd Halim Irwan Ibrahim

Abstract: This paper investigates the characteristic important to metal injection moulding (MIM) process via rheological behavior of MIM feedstock. A...

Authors: Hong Feng Lai

Abstract: This paper proposes a categorical foundation for composing multi-resource in manufacturing systems. The composing procedures of overall...

Authors: Wan Hasrulnizzam Wan Mahmood, Mohd Nizam A. Rahman, Md Deros Baba, Jaharah Abd. Ghani

Abstract: A case-based research method was chosen with the aim to provide an exemplar of practice and test the proposition that the use of simulation...


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