Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Tao, Shuai Xu, Hai Yong Chen, He Xu Xun

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks, which are energy limited, low hardware configuration and proneness to invalidation, puts a high demand on the...

Authors: Zhong Yong Wu, Jin Gou, Chang Cai Cui

Abstract: Minimum zone circle (MZC), minimum circumscribed circle (MCC), maximum inscribed circle (MIC) and least square circle (LSC) are four common...

Authors: Wei Pan, Rong An, Hong Ji Yang

Abstract: Proposes a new domain-knowledge independent algorithm of discretization of consecutive attributes based on decisions to amend the limitation...

Authors: Wei Pan, Yi Jia Huang, Yang Sheng Wang, Hong Ji Yang

Abstract: Analyzes the traditional methods of extracting decision rules in Rough Sets, defines the concept of the decision dependability and proposes...

Authors: Wei Pan, Na Fei Yang

Abstract: Traditional image segmentation algorithms usually can’t obtain expected effects when facing with complex images such as container code...

Authors: Liang Zhi Zhang, Lei Jia, Mi Nai He

Abstract: The aim of regional traffic control optimization is to find the optimal design parameters while thinking over the route choice of users....

Authors: Shou Ming Hou, Li Juan He, Wen Peng Xu, Hua Tao Fan, Zhong Qi Sheng

Abstract: In order to solve the retrieval problem of design example in rapid response design, similarity computation model among design examples is...

Authors: Ke Wang, Bin Chen, Wen Han Chen, Hua Xu, Jia Xin Yuan

Abstract: At first, this paper compared the present some advantages and disadvantages of reactive power compensation devices, and analysis the...

Authors: Meng Zhang, Yan Ru Chen, Ling Fei Xu, Yong Qing Wang

Abstract: Molten metal carbon is an important parameter to be controlled during the BOF operation. In this paper, a fuzzy logic system for carbon...

Authors: Xiu Lin Sui, Ya Ze Li, Jia Tai Zhang, Ji Wu Jiang

Abstract: Aimed at the problem of reading and controlling UG files by OpenGL in VC++ environment, a method of object-oriented programming is proposed....


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