Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Li, Ji Jun Zhang

Abstract: Model help to understand the system there may be a signal reflection and impedance matching problem. Most fiber integrated circuits from...

Authors: Wen Bo Liu, Meng Xiao Wang

Abstract: A nonlinear PID control method based on Smith predictor is presented in this paper to control the time delay systems. This method combines...

Authors: Shu Juan Lee, Hsiang Chuan Liu, Shih Ming Chen, Yu Du Jheng

Abstract: In this study, the Web-based Multi-Survey System was adopted, one or two choices available among five options, to set up questionnaire to...

Authors: Li Jun He, De Gao Wang, Shu Zhe Bao, Jian Yun

Abstract: Oracle is a database management system supporting the object-oriented data model that is usually adopted by the storage technology of...

Authors: Kai Hua Wu, Tao Ban

Abstract: Wheel set is the major running components of a train. Online measurement of wheel set wear parameters is important for the safety of train....

Authors: Kai Hua Wu, Jian Xin Fan

Abstract: Measurement of wheel set wear was an important step for the safety of train running. High-speed acquisition and processing method for high...

Authors: Ji Cheng Ding, Lin Zhao, Jia Liu, Shuai He Gao

Abstract: To implement indoor GPS signal tracking in standalone mode when the tracking loop is unlocked and data bit edge is unknown, the paper...

Authors: Wei Min Pan, Yong Jian Yu, Wei Ma, Yong Gang Liu

Abstract: The revolved concave surfaces are widely applied to both optical equipments and aerodynamic domain. The revolved surface is measured by...

Authors: Jiang Hong Sun

Abstract: A new method approach is presented to solve isomorphism identification of kinematic chain topology graphs. Kinematic chain topology graphs...

Authors: Li Li, Shao Zhong Cao

Abstract: Both the PSO (particle swarm optimization) for global search algorithm and the CMAC (cerebella model articulation controller) algorithm are...


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