Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zhang, Guo Jun Dai, Chang Jun Wang

Abstract: With respect to the human tracking with multi-cameras in the video surveillance system, a human tracking method based on MSER (Maximally...

Authors: Guang Ji Tong, Wei Wang

Abstract: In the development process of the regional agricultural brand, there are a large number of influential factors with uncertain connotations...

Authors: Chun Yue Yu, Xiao Chuan Luo

Abstract: The NP-hard single-machine scheduling problem with time lags while minimizing the completion time could be described with an AON...

Authors: Wei Liu, Ling Chen

Abstract: In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional algorithms, the algorithm MSPM was proposed. It used longer patterns for mining, which...

Authors: Jian Liu, Yuan Jun Lv

Abstract: Pneumatic control technology of Test Equipment has been introduced which is used to Test product‘s hardness. The structure and working...

Authors: Han Kun Ye

Abstract: Digital camera is the one of the main devices in the computer and multimedia technology and its color management model is the key to...

Authors: Rui Liang Zhang, Tie Wang, Hong Mei Li

Abstract: Tooth contact analysis is an effective tool for meshing analysis of the double circular arc profile spiral bevel gear (DCAPSBG), as well as...

Authors: Jian Xiong Long

Abstract: A diagnosis ellipsoid equation is put forward in order to solve motor fault on-line diagnosis. It is first to estimate the motor dynamic...

Authors: Si Miao Fei, Yu Zhao, Jun Yang, Lin Huo

Abstract: Safe landing for spacecraft on moon or the other planets is the basic premise for carrying on field survey and sampling research. When it...

Authors: Jian Hong Zhang, Xue Liu, Cheng Lian Liu

Abstract: At present, Cloud computing is becoming a hot topic in the field of research and applications. It moves the application software and...


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