Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Guo Li, Chi Zhang, Jiu Long Zhang, Zhen Hai Zhang

Abstract: A new multi-dimensional index structure called RSR-tree is proposed, which based on RS-tree. In RSR-tree, index records of a leaf node are...

Authors: Hsiang Chuan Liu, Wei Sung Chen, Chin Chun Chen, Yu Du Jheng, Der Bang Wu

Abstract: In this paper, a generalized multivalent fuzzy measure of extensional L-measure, called high order extensional L-measure, is proposed. It is...

Authors: Hong Min Wang

Abstract: Sine bar is a practical accurate measuring implement which can measure indirectly or a machining tool for the accurate angle by sine...

Authors: Hong Min Wang

Abstract: A new type of automatic verification apparatus based on image recognition is put forward in this paper. Data are acquired by CCD camera...

Authors: Yan Hua Liang, Cheng Tao Cai

Abstract: After a coal mine disaster, especially a gas and coal dust explosion, the space-restricted and unstructured underground terrain and...

Authors: Jian Ni, Hong Xia Liu

Abstract: Flame simulation in computer graphics has been the most challenging problems. According to the key problem of real time and reality in flame...

Authors: Shao Fei Lu, Hong Yang, Guan Zhong Yang

Abstract: In this paper we propose the notion of unified resource base to simplify the resource exchange, sharing, and access, especial for...

Authors: Zhi Cong Zhang, Kai Shun Hu, Hui Yu Huang, Shuai Li, Shao Yong Zhao

Abstract: Reinforcement learning (RL) is a state or action value based machine learning method which approximately solves large-scale Markov Decision...

Authors: Hai Lu Zhang, An Min Zheng, Zong Wu Deng

Abstract: The incorporation of zirconium atoms into the framework of some aluminosilicate molecular sieves can enhance the reactivities of some...

Authors: Jian Feng Ren, Min He, Jin Fei Xu

Abstract: The damage of the printed wring assembly (PWA) was treated as one of the main factors of the failure of electronic equipment. Thus the PWA...


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