Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Juan Zhang, Yan Ting Wang, Shi Tao Wang, Meng Wu

Abstract: The paper introduces a new method for prediction of electromagnetic compatibility in the power system, and use the Electromagnetic...

Authors: Ming Yi Zhang, Kun Yang, Zheng Chen

Abstract: The order-disorder transition at antiphase domain boundary (APDB) between DO22 (Ni3V) phases is investigated using the microscopic...

Authors: Dong Ling Zhang

Abstract: The sensory quality evaluation processes are widely used for many industrial products, which is evaluated according to the knowledge...

Authors: Qing Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a new smooth approach to solve support vector regression (SVR). Based on Karush-Kuhn-Tucker complementary condition in...

Authors: Hai Bin Zhang, Fang Yang Zhu, Nian Zhu

Abstract: As one of the most potential field in today’s society, E-Commerce is coruscating vigorous vitality. Development of the information and...

Authors: Wang Ming Xu, Kang Ling Fang, Hai Ru Zhang

Abstract: Clustering is an efficient and fundamental unsupervised learning algorithm for many vision-based applications. This paper aim at the...

Authors: Fei Xia, Hao Zhang, Dao Gang Peng, Hui Li, Yi Kang Su

Abstract: In order to improve the fault diagnosis result of the condenser, one new approach based on the fuzzy neural network and data fusion is...

Authors: Chao Long Jia, Wei Xiang Xu, Han Ning Wang

Abstract: Track geometry deformation lead to dangerous of train driving, endangering railway transport. It is the prerequisite of developing a...

Authors: Chao Long Jia, Wei Xiang Xu, Han Ning Wang

Abstract: Data platform of data sharing and service provide technical support for high-speed railway transportation organization, it provide data...

Authors: Li Xu, Tao Shang, Xing Guan Ma, Lei Lian

Abstract: Urban storm intensity formula is one of the basic urban drainage design formulas. The accuracy and precision of the formula will be directly...


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