Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ju Zhang, Chang Wang Yan, Jin Qing Jia

Abstract: In order to investigate the crack pattern and ductility of connection composed of cross shaped steel encased ultra high strength concrete...

Authors: Qian Sheng Zhang, Hai Xiang Yao, Zhen Hua Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, we present an effective method for evaluating some similarity measures of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets(IvIFSs)...

Authors: Hui Fang Hou, Shu Guang Liu, Chang Wang Yan, Jian Wen Bai

Abstract: This study focuses on the relative dynamic elastic modulus of the polyvinyl alcohol fiber reinforced cementitious composite (PVA-ECC) after...

Authors: Hsiang Chuan Liu, Yen Kuei Yu, Jeng Ming Yih, Chin Chun Chen

Abstract: Euclidean distance function based fuzzy clustering algorithms can only be used to detect spherical structural clusters. Gustafson-Kessel...

Authors: Jie Jia, Yong Jun Yang, Yi Ming Hou, Xiang Yang Zhang, He Huang

Abstract: An object tracking framework based on adaboost and Mean-Shift for image sequence was proposed in the manuscript. The object rectangle and...

Authors: Lin Ya Liu, Jin Wang, Rui Lv

Abstract: By using the finite element analysis software ANSYS, a three-dimensional dynamic finite element model of ballastless track rail –floating...

Authors: Xin Li, Yu Jiang, Jian Jun Song, Wei Li Cui

Abstract: A WSN image watermarking algorithm based on multi-wavelet was proposed. When the instability of image transmission in wireless sensor...

Authors: Zhuo Shi, Fang Li

Abstract: Active contours or Snakes are extensively used in computer vision and image processing applications, to locate the object boundaries. Low...

Authors: Der Bang Wu, Hsiu Lan Ma

Abstract: This paper is going to use Grey Model to analyze the research tool of abilities of problem solving. There are 10 questions in the Test of...

Authors: Liang Zhi Zhang, Mi Nai He

Abstract: In the massive activities of cities, rush hour is temporary while hot roads are congested seriously. Traffic flows are unbalanced severely...


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