Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Zhao, Chen Sheng Bai, Song Zhu

Abstract: Search engines can bring a lot of benefit to the website. For a site, each page’s search engine ranking is very important. To make web page...

Authors: Hong Zhao, Song Zhu, Lan Li

Abstract: In the paper, the relationship between tutors and students, and relationship between instructing and learning have been studied on the basis...

Authors: Ye Feng Xu, Zhong Yi Zhang, Kui Li, Meng Ke He

Abstract: Indirect stabilization technology can make the optical seeker lower cost and more compact, but it will also decrease the system’s...

Authors: Xiao Wu Liu, Zhong He Gao, Ji Guo Yu

Abstract: Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) is a new science to joint physical and computation together and it can be used in information technology,...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhao, Jie Yang, Xi Qiu Fan

Abstract: In this paper, research and progress of corrosion inhibitors are reviewed from the aspects of history, classification, inhibition mechanism,...

Authors: Xue Yong Li, Jia Xia Sun, Jun Hui Fu, Guo Hong Gao

Abstract: A fuzzy clustering algorithm based on improved particle swarm optimization was proposed in this paper. First reduce dimension of solution...

Authors: Xiu Yun Li, Shan Liang, Bei Bei Pang, Yan Jun Ren

Abstract: Containers are playing an increasingly important role in modern logistics industry and usually are transported by different means including...

Authors: Mei Fa Huang, Xiong Cheng, Bing Kuang, Jiang Tai Huang

Abstract: The quality of workpiece is influenced by the surface roughness. However, the assessment of parameters of surface roughness is not...

Authors: Qi Fan, Ying Zhang, Ling Hua Jiang, Yuan Li, Feng Hou

Abstract: Knowledge acquisition is the first step in building an expert system. However, it is very difficult to find out the problem-solving...

Authors: Hao Sun, Shi Jie Wang

Abstract: Fluororubber is an important material used for the stator of progressing cavity pump, which works under high temperature and high pressure...


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