Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Xiong Hui Zhou, Yong Jun Zhang, Jing Tao Han

Abstract: A new algorithm, named feature-based visibility analysis is proposed. This algorithm can be used widely in manufacture and process of parts...

Authors: Song Li, Jin Chun Song, Ming Li Han, Yu Jie Ren

Abstract: In order to improve the machining accuracy of precision CNC lathe, and explore the fluid motion law in the closed hydrostatic guideway,...

Authors: Hong Bing Guo, Shuan Fa Chen

Abstract: The reflective cracking is one of the main damages of semi-rigid base asphalt pavement and rigid base asphalt pavement, how to control its...

Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Xiao Xu He, Kang Li

Abstract: This paper designed a data warehouse model of agricultural production. And it built an effective and viable agricultural production data...

Authors: Jing Jing Zhang, Qing Jie Qi, Chan Juan Xu

Abstract: Goods and shelves are closely and numerously put in the logistics center, so there are many hidden dangers. People’s life safety and...

Authors: Xiao Peng Li, Wei Nie, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: Linear rolling guide is one of the most essential parts of the NC modern machine tools, and they play a significant supporting and guiding...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Meng Lan Duan, Shi Jing Cao, Zhi Hui Hu, Lin Song Song

Abstract: The conventional prediction of spudcan penetration depth in multiple strata, especially the strata with sand overlying clay profile, usually...

Authors: Jun Wang, Tao Ning, Zhi Hua Li

Abstract: The inductance and capacitance parameters in oscillation circuit are very important for the HVDC breakers to interrupt the heavy current. In...

Authors: Tao Jin, Wei Chen, Tao Ning

Abstract: In order to estimate the parameters of capacitance, inductance and resistance in oscillation circuit DC circuit breaker a method of...

Authors: Jian Xi Yang, Jian Ting Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the nonlinear characteristics of a bridge structure and the chaos of BHM(bridge health monitoring)...


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