Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shuang Chen

Abstract: In this paper,mathematical model of valve movement law was established after simultaneous equations (such as flow equations and differential...

Authors: Zhong Kai Li, Xiu Rong Li, Zhen Cai Zhu

Abstract: For improving the quick responses and instances quality in platform based product family design, a scalable platform reconfiguration method...

Authors: Ke Bin Jiang, Yong Ding, Ya Wen Liu, Feng Zheng

Abstract: The calculation model for torsion strength of prestressed concrete beams (PCs) under pure torsion is deduced theoretically based on...

Authors: Zhong Shuang Wang, Ji Chen, Chang Shun Xu

Abstract: In order to increase the efficiency and reliability of dynamic and static force analysis for spatial multibody systems containing the...

Authors: Xiang Yang Huang, Wen Jun Wu, Ning Wu

Abstract: This paper demonstrated a GIS system about Agricultural Production. Its main function is to show price transmission relations of...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Xiao Min Cheng, Hua Hu, Meng Chen

Abstract: Inchworm-type wheeled mobile robot is a non-comprehensive, all-driven system. This paper establishes a kinematical model for such system....

Authors: Tao Nie, Wei Qiang Liu

Abstract: To obtain temperature distribution in regenerative-cooled liquid propellant rocket nozzle quickly and accurately, three-dimensional...

Authors: Xing Jun Hu, Peng Qin, Peng Guo, Yang An

Abstract: Numerical simulations for the Ahmed model with 25° slant angle are performed under three different turbulent parameters, intensity and...

Authors: Mehdi Sarmast, Jan R. Wright

Abstract: Non-Linear Resonant Decay Method (NL-RDM) addresses the identification of multi-degree of freedom non-linear systems. This method offers a...

Authors: Chao Lu, Ming Fang Zheng

Abstract: Compare with the Rayleigh wave method, ultrasonic creeping waves critically technique for surface and subsurface defects nondestructive...


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