Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Li, Ji Li Rong, Da Lin Xiang

Abstract: In this study, the volume-acceleration model was introduced to determine the initial condition for bubble motion during underwater...

Authors: Jian Li, Ji Li Rong, Da Lin Xiang

Abstract: A model for a moderately deep underwater explosion bubble was developed in inviscid and irrotational fluid. Considering the effects of...

Authors: Bin Yang, Qin Shou Huang, Bin Xiong, Hua Xu

Abstract: With dynamic stress intensity factor (DSIF) as a characteristic parameter, this paper makes an analysis on the effect of parameters...

Authors: De Bin Yang, Shui Xing Zhou, Ming Chen, Wei Wang, Xiao Yi Zhang

Abstract: Due to the concrete self-shrinkage, frequent load application and temperature fluctuation, and so on,the gap formed between the inner tube...

Authors: Shang Kun Ren, Yao Yang, Zhong Ji Li

Abstract: In ACFM, the measured signal is very weak and always inevitably includes the noises and the unwanted signal. Make use of lock-in amplifier...

Authors: Jia Fu Liu, Yu Hua Liang, Jing Li

Abstract: According to the characteristics of design and production for digital maps, a methodology for developing popular science tour digital map is...

Authors: Yong Feng Liu, Hong Sen Tian, Jian Wei Yang, Jian Min Sun, Qin Hui Zhou

Abstract: To calculate soot for a high-pressure common rail diesel engine a new soot model (TP model) is presented.. In soot source term phase, when...

Authors: Jing Chen, Ming Xin Liu

Abstract: To improve the utilization ratio of resources and the complete number of tasks, a kind of a new grid resource scheduling algorithm TWMQC...

Authors: Zhi Zhong Yan, Chuan Zeng Zhang, Yue Sheng Wang

Abstract: The band structures of in-plane elastic waves propagating in two-dimensional phononic crystals with one-dimensional aperiodicity are...

Authors: W. Yuan, J. Li, J. Fang, H.B. Hu, Y.M. Zhang

Abstract: Many methods of fire detection in video have been carried out on PC. Generally it needs long cables to transmit images and processes videos...


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