Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin He Li, Yue Sheng Yan, Rui Deng

Abstract: After 4 times thinning spinning, the C-276 tube with 2mm thickness and 561.5mm diameter was thinned to 0.42mm, the length was extended from...

Authors: Xin Jin, Gang Sun, Chun Juan Liu

Abstract: This document focuses on the case that optimization direction is hard to determine in aerodynamic optimization processes, and proposes an...

Authors: Shi Hua Yuan, Ding Hua Liu, Chao Wei

Abstract: To calculate the pressure distribution of oil film on spherical port plate of Innas hydraulic transformer (IHT), finite difference method...

Authors: Hai Juan Chang, Jian Jun Zhang, Shu Zhu

Abstract: Environment measurement technology of aircraft platform is the foundation of environment prediction, while inductive technology of...

Authors: Xiong Yun, Zai Min Zhong, Ze Chang Sun, Tong Zhang, Ting Ting Yin

Abstract: Fuel cell vehicle powertrain is a complex electromechanical system related to electrochemistry, power electronics, power transmission and...

Authors: Mahfodzah M. Padzi, Shahrum Abdullah, Mohd Zaki Nuawi

Abstract: This paper discussed on an application of the statistical based analysis approach on fatigue failure of carbon steel. A new statistical...

Authors: Xu Dong Cheng, Jie Li, Yong Wang

Abstract: In the seismic design of pile foundation, current research mainly adopts the theory of auxiliary experiences engineering design methods. In...

Authors: Yong Xue Zhang, Zhi Cheng Shi, Chang Liu, Chan Guo

Abstract: The flow measurement of the natural gas directly influences the economic benefit, which includes development, operation, allotment and the...

Authors: Shao Jun Zhang, Hua Zhang, Dong Mei Zhu, Guo Yong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the cooling process of Large-diameter bars is simulated by the 3D numerical simulation calculation method of Finite Element...

Authors: Zhong Hua Ma

Abstract: The determinants and roles of bank lending, which is formal financing channel and outsides the supply chain, and trade credit, which is...


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