Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Hua Ma

Abstract: Utilizing emergency transshipment between two retailers at the end of the season of sales to meet special customer demand can be an...

Authors: Chun Zheng Duan, Zhao Xi Wang, Min Jie Wang, Wei Sen Kong

Abstract: The component distribution of adiabatic shear banding during high speed cutting(HSC) is important to understand the phase transformation...

Authors: Kui Li, Rong Qiang Liu, Zong Quan Deng, Sheng Yuan Jiang

Abstract: The first task of a lunar rover elevator after landing is to deploy road-set. Vibration amplitude is large and attenuation time is very long...

Authors: Hong Lin Zhao, Shi Guang Chen, Wei Hua Li, Guang Peng Zhang, Zhi Heng Wu, Qing Fu Wang

Abstract: A design method of structural optimization of large part of machine tools was proposed based on neural network and finite element method....

Authors: Hong Lin Zhao, Qing Fu Wang, Wei Hua Li, Guang Peng Zhang, Zhi Heng Wu, Bo Gao, Shi Guang Chen

Abstract: After modeling and calculating of whole machine, the static and dynamic characteristics are obtained, since it is difficult not only to...

Authors: Yan An Sun, Lu Xiong, Zhuo Ping Yu, Yuan Feng, Long Jie Ren

Abstract: Taking four in-wheel-motor electric vehicle as research subject, the paper focuses on the estimation of road adhesion coefficient based on...

Authors: Wang Yi, Jian Fu Zhang, Chao Xu, Zhi Jun Wu, Ding Wen Yu

Abstract: This paper analyzed the dynamic performances of vertical machining center and investigated the problems of dynamiccharacteristics. The modal...

Authors: Ru Sheng Zhu, Xue Liang Wang, Guo Yan Yang

Abstract: A novel wide band U-shaped monopole antenna with two C-shaped parasitic elements, suitable for WLAN and WiMAX operations, is pretented...

Authors: Ying Hua Wang, Bao Shan Jia, Jun Rui Shi, Yang Bo Deng, Yu Tian

Abstract: In this paper, based on the theoretical analysis and reasonable simplification, one-dimensional mathematical model is presented for the...

Authors: Min Kang, Xing Sheng Wang, Yong Yang, Xu Zheng

Abstract: To solve the difficulties in machining toric spectacle lens, the turning method with slow tool servo was discussed. First, the experimental...


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