Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Wen Zhang, Min Kang, Jie Wu

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of parameterized modeling technology, digital solid modeling of the parts of rubber-bar roller cotton harvester...

Authors: Yan Jian Liao, Alan Slade, Hong Yan Luo, Li Chen

Abstract: For the noise problem of moving target in noisy space, This work is dedicated to developing a novel and promising solution based on the...

Authors: Guo Shang Zhang, Shu Zeng Hou, Shi Zhong Wei, Ji Wen Li, Liu Jie Xu

Abstract: In this study, beryllium bronze/steel composite plates were fabricated through explosive welding process using different ratios of...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Yong Liang Huang, Li Li Ma

Abstract: A kind of design scheme of intelligent vehicle control system based on infrared photoelectric sensor is introduced in this paper.The...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Xu Hu Wang, Hui Juan Guo

Abstract: This paper describes a detection system design method of hydrogen engine based on LabVIEW. In order to understand the characteristics and...

Authors: Dan Tian, Ji Min Zhang, Yong Qiang Wang

Abstract: Through the external flow analysis of 200 km/h high-speed container flat wagon utilizing SST k- turbulence model, we got the surface...

Authors: Shu Zhu, Guang Lu Wang, Hai Juan Chang

Abstract: For acquiring the data about how did the aircraft platforms environment impact on its equipment, designed a measurement system for measuring...

Authors: Lu Zhang, Shuang Xia Han, Wei Fan, Ming Xia Yang

Abstract: Aiming at the deficiencies of positioning accuracy and matrix operating complexity in the classical MDS-MAP locating algorithm in WSN, a...

Authors: Xin Rui Ding, Long Sheng Lu, Chuan Chen, Zhan Shu He, Dong Sheng Ou

Abstract: Four kinds of porous structures, copper wire mesh, metal foam, copper fiber sintered felts and cross-connected micro-channel plates were...

Authors: Bo Li, Rui Fang Zhang

Abstract: Mining classification rule of spare parts is very important for inventory management. In traditional classification work of spare parts, the...


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