Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Fang, Zhuo Qiu Li, Si Rong Zhu, Yong Lv

Abstract: Carbon fiber (CF) is an essential functional material focused on widely, especially in civil engineering. The mechano-electric character of...

Authors: Li Hong Chen, Yu Fei Zhao

Abstract: The design and safety evaluation of a geotechnical project is influenced by the shear strength parameters of geo-material. Moment method and...

Authors: Jin Xing Lai, Qian Zhang

Abstract: Energy equivalent modulus medium of entrainment multiphase composite body is one of main methods, Those methods study frangible materials...

Authors: Fang Ping Zhu, Zheng Bing Qi, Zhou Cheng Wang, Chong Hu Wu

Abstract: Nanocrystallized ZrN coatings have been deposited by DC magnetron sputtering. The effects of target power on the microstructure and...

Authors: Zheng Bing Qi, Peng Sun, Zhou Cheng Wang, Chong Hu Wu

Abstract: The κ-Al2O3/TiCN multilayer coatings have been deposited on cemented carbide cutting tools using chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The...

Authors: Hong Yan Luo, Qing Yun Yang, Eric Abel, Zhi Gang Wang, Yan Jian Liao

Abstract: Shape memory alloys have become the most promising construction material for smart actuators in diverse applications. However, their highly...

Authors: Chien Sheng Chen, Yung Chuan Lin, Wen Hsiung Liu, He Nian Shou

Abstract: The objective of wireless location is to determine the mobile station (MS) location in a wireless cellular communications system. Due to the...

Authors: Chien Sheng Chen, Wen Hsiung Liu, He Nian Shou, Yu Jen Ho

Abstract: Ranging is one of the most important processes in the uplink of the IEEE 802.16e OFDMA system. A ranging process includes the initial...

Authors: Ling Fei Gao, Ming Zhang, Yu Zhu, Jing Wang

Abstract: High dynamic property is a major object in fine stage design, as well as high stability. To raise structural damping is a feasible and...

Authors: Wei Liang, Yu He, Lu Lu Yang, Lin Sha

Abstract: In this paper, a refined model of interlocked composite gird stiffened structure and an equivalent model based on simplified ICG panel are...


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