Measurement Technology and its Application III

Volumes 568-570

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Qun Li, Xu Fei Wang, Shu Nong Zhang, Jia Ming Liu

Abstract: In analog electronic systems, characteristic information required for fault prognosis is achieved by test points of a board, so the...

Authors: Zhong Jun Ding, Bao Hua Liu, Wei Gao, Xiang Mei Meng

Abstract: The resistivity characteristics of sediments are important to analyze marine sedimental environment and material source. A kind of...

Authors: Qing Hua Sun, Jin Gen Deng, Zhuo Chen, Yong Meng Xu, Heng Lin Yang, Hai Long Liu

Abstract: During the drilling process of shale gas horizontal well, wellbore instability problem happens frequently. Especially in the horizontal...

Authors: Run Jun Li, Ren Liang Shan, Shao Hong Bai, Xiao Jun Wu, Ji Feng Han

Abstract: To ensure the safety of bridge bearing replacement procedure, the project introduces the real-time monitoring technology. Collects...

Authors: Yin Shan Sun, Jiang Ying Zhong, Zhen Wang, Wen Tao Zhang, Hai Ting Di

Abstract: The advantages of fiber optic sensors in contrast to conventional electrical ones make them popular in different applications. In the field...

Authors: Fan Li, Wen Xiao Fang, Liang Lei, Yuan Liu, Chun Lei Shi

Abstract: This paper investigates a miniature rectangular triplate-printed antenna, which acts as a magnetic field probe to estimate amplitude of the...

Authors: Jun Jun Li, Xin Wei Yang, Yan Feng Li

Abstract: The supporting structure in foundation pit is very important in civil engineering and is used to support the whole foundation pit. Its...

Authors: Yuan Horng Lin, Jeng Ming Yih

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to develop an internet system for cognitive diagnosis assessment. The theoretical foundation of this cognitive...

Authors: Qing Quan Xu, Gong Chen, Xi Fang Zhu, An Cheng Xu, Hui Yang

Abstract: Lithium battery coating thickness is measured by sensor using laser triangulation. The algorithm based on threshold judgment and multi-scale...


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