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Authors: Ya Jun Chen, Qi Kui Du
Abstract: In this paper, a Dirichlet-Neumann alternating algorithm using elliptical arc artificial boundary for boundary value problem of Poisson equation in an infinite domain with a concave angle is investigated. The convergence of the algorithm is given. The choice of the relaxation factor is discussed. Finally, some numerical examples are presented to show effectiveness of our method.
Authors: Cheng Jun Zhang, Li Chao Zhang, Yu Sheng Shi
Abstract: Through comparing the battery management system (BMS) in existence, it concludes that every BMS has its own features, such as, interface, communication, data hand method, and so on. There is no uniform standard in the globe, so the BMS has the compatibility problems. In order to serve the problem, this paper proposed the large-scale and flexible BMS design, which can save the BMS design time and reduce the designer work strength. In this paper, the flexible hardware and software are designed, which can change the software and interface form a new BMS quickly to satisfy the market requirement. The large-scale and flexible BMS design method mentioned in this paper can accelerates the process of the BMS design, shortens the production development cycle, and satisfies the market requirement speedily.
Authors: Zuo Zhi Shao, Ying Cao, Bo Hao Cheng
Abstract: Today, cloud service has evolved as a network centric, service oriented computing model. Consumers purchase computational resources and network accesses on demand without worrying about the underlying technologies used. However, the concerns of security, reliability and service response availability are also increasing. Although cloud service providers usually committed to the availability scope of Service Level Agreement (SLA), most cloud tenants do not understand the inherent complexity. There is an apparent lack of ability to assess the risks when choosing cloud platform. From the perspective of the cloud computing service layer model, this paper defines and analyses a quantitative evaluation method of the availability of cloud service. And it proposes the concepts of availability unit (AU), availability set (AS), standalone availability (SA) and deployment availability (DA). Also discusses the algorithm relationships among all levels of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS on cloud computing service.
Authors: Rong Huang, An Ping Xiong, Yang Zou
Abstract: MapReduce is one of the core framework of Hadoop, it’s computing performance has been widely concerned and researched. In heterogeneous environment, unreasonable map task assignments and inefficient resource utilization lead to multiple backup tasks and the job total execution time is poor.For these problems, this paper proposes a new map task assignment strategy, which is map task dynamic balancing strategy based on file label. The strategy marks on job according to the different types, estimates node computing capabilities and historical processing efficiency of each label task, ensures map task which was assigned can execute successfully. Experiments show that, the strategy can effectively reduce number of backup tasks in map phase, and to some extent optimize the total execution time of the job.
Authors: Yong Hong Yu, Li Wu
Abstract: Existing proposals for data privacy in cloud computing have typically been founded on encryption and are not well-balanced on dealing with the contradiction between data privacy and efficient queries. This paper discusses the data privacy in cloud computing based on the perspective of game theory. It built a complete information static game theory frame between a trusted data center and many un-trusted database service providers to avoid the coalition among un-trusted database service providers, and gave Nash equilibrium of mixed strategy. Some influence factors of Nash equilibrium are also analyzed.
Authors: Xiang Wei Duan, Wei Chang Shen, Jun Guo
Abstract: The paper introduce the Mandelbrot Set and the message passing interface (MPI) and shared-memory (OpenMP), analyses the characteristic of algorithm design in the MPI and OpenMP environment, describes the implementation of parallel algorithm about Mandelbrot Set in the MPI environment and the OpenMP environment, conducted a series of evaluation and performance testing during the process of running, then the difference between the two system implementations is compared.
Authors: Cun Wu Han, De Hui Sun, Lei Liu, Song Bi
Abstract: This paper presents an adaptive congestion control algorithm for Internet with time-varying uncertainties. The controller is designed via dynamic output feedback. Simulation result shows that the proposed algorithm has good performance.
Authors: Lai Cheng Cao, Wei Han
Abstract: Due to the strong capacity of computing and storage, more and more hackers choose to attack cloud systems for their own use to obtain illegal benefits. In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, when a cloud user enters into the cloud system, their identity must be verified to protect the security of cloud platform and the interests of legitimate users. Then, we propose a new ECC dynamic password-based authentication scheme for cloud computing in this paper. The proposed scheme provides mutual authentication and identity management. A user also can change his/her password whenever demanded. Furthermore, the scheme has the resistance to possible attacks in cloud computing.
Authors: Jian Yong Li, Yan Qiu Yang, Bo Yang
Abstract: Based on the characteristics of sampling points to get approximate numerical interpolation point, first to the whole speech signal wavelet decomposition, the extract is not sensitive to the human ear hearing wavelet coefficients as the location of the embedded watermark information, the interpolation factor by using spline interpolation to replace known the low-frequency wavelet coefficients to embed watermark. The simulation results show that the algorithm not only has imperceptibility, such as MP3 compression, low-pass filtering, white noise, sampling, quantitative attack has good robustness. It achieves a better balance in robustness and imperceptibility.

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