Computers and Information Processing Technologies I

Volumes 571-572

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Jun Chen, Qi Kui Du

Abstract: In this paper, a Dirichlet-Neumann alternating algorithm using elliptical arc artificial boundary for boundary value problem of Poisson...

Authors: Cheng Jun Zhang, Li Chao Zhang, Yu Sheng Shi

Abstract: Through comparing the battery management system (BMS) in existence, it concludes that every BMS has its own features, such as, interface,...

Authors: Zuo Zhi Shao, Ying Cao, Bo Hao Cheng

Abstract: Today, cloud service has evolved as a network centric, service oriented computing model. Consumers purchase computational resources and...

Authors: Rong Huang, An Ping Xiong, Yang Zou

Abstract: MapReduce is one of the core framework of Hadoop, it’s computing performance has been widely concerned and researched. In heterogeneous...

Authors: Yong Hong Yu, Li Wu

Abstract: Existing proposals for data privacy in cloud computing have typically been founded on encryption and are not well-balanced on dealing with...

Authors: Xiang Wei Duan, Wei Chang Shen, Jun Guo

Abstract: The paper introduce the Mandelbrot Set and the message passing interface (MPI) and shared-memory (OpenMP), analyses the characteristic of...

Authors: Cun Wu Han, De Hui Sun, Lei Liu, Song Bi

Abstract: This paper presents an adaptive congestion control algorithm for Internet with time-varying uncertainties. The controller is designed via...

Authors: Lai Cheng Cao, Wei Han

Abstract: Due to the strong capacity of computing and storage, more and more hackers choose to attack cloud systems for their own use to obtain...

Authors: Jian Yong Li, Yan Qiu Yang, Bo Yang

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of sampling points to get approximate numerical interpolation point, first to the whole speech signal wavelet...


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